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Usually, the last thing on most people’ mind is mattress moving, how to move a mattress safely from place to place, then wrapping, dismantling, and reinstalling the bed. But moving your mattress into your brand new house does not have to be stress-free and time consuming. Rather, here are some tips to help make the move simple and quick, with little effort. Just follow these tips and you can have your mattress in your new place in as little as one day.

When packing for moving, it’s a good idea to have at least three boxes for sensitive and breakable items such as a mattress, blankets, pillows, clothing, and shoes. At the same time, don’t forget the small stuff like your camera, wallet, and other items. Label everything clearly with their contents so they’ll be easy to find when unpacking at the new home. And of course, if you have any important documents or items to bring, be sure to arrange for their safe and timely transport to the new home.

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The next step in moving house is to disassemble the mattress. Remove the drawers and attachments, then flatten out the mattress on a flat surface. If there are any trampoline springs or pieces that you can’t remove right away, cut them off before beginning the disassembly process. Otherwise, they’ll be entwined in wires or get caught up in other wires as you begin your mattress moving from your previous home.

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Before your mattress goes through the moving process, be sure it’s dry. Many movers do an excellent job of removing moisture from mattresses. However, if you’re dealing with an older mattress that needs a thorough cleaning before the move, spray it lightly with a water-based stain remover before disassembling. Then, wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove all traces of dirt and excess moisture.

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As the moving day approaches, carefully pack up the mattresses in sturdy boxes. Store them in an area where they’ll be protected from moisture as they move a mattress through the entire moving process. One idea for packing is to buy a plastic storage box that wraps around the baseboard and floor of your old home. This way, you won’t be opening up the box during the move. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money for a quality moving box, though. It’ll be worth the investment once the move is done and you’re living in your new house.

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Once your mattress has been moved, thoroughly clean and dry it before moving it. For this reason, mattress moving movers recommend leaving mattresses in their original boxes until the last minute. Leave the box inside, so it can stay dust-free and mold-free. Movers will clean up any spills immediately, so the box will not have to be opened while the mattress is being moved. Just make sure to close the lid well, since any spilled liquids can seep down into the box and damage the mattresses.

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While you’re packing, also include boxes and tapes for supporting the mattress. If you’re using a moving truck, ask your movers to provide boxes and tapes to help support the mattress while it’s being moved. In most cases, movers can provide these to you free of charge, but it never hurts to ask. Otherwise, your mattress may sag as it moves through the moving trucks.

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Finally, be prepared for the unexpected. Some movers offer packing and loading services, which can be useful if you have a limited budget for the move. Ask your moving company how many of their employees have been trained to deal with mattress moves, because some people may know more about it than others. If you need the service, at least ask for it beforehand.