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If you have a beautiful and rare upright piano that you intend to move a long distance, it is advisable to hire local piano movers. Long distance piano moving costs much more than local moving. Local movers charge only flat rate fees for residential and commercial moves. This cost is calculated by weight, distance, type of equipment being transported, and the industry they are using.

How to Move a Piano Long distance piano moving costs depend on how far the piano needs to be moved. Long distance moving can be very expensive because it includes several factors like packaging, weight, and stairs. It can also include costs for insurance. Long distance piano moving services provide professional moving services that include packing, loading, and transporting. Most movers will also provide insurance to protect your instrument.

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The flat rate that is charged depends on the type of instrument being moved. If you’re moving a grand piano, the flat rate will be higher than a light shade of upright pianos. However, if you want the convenience of moving a light shade of upright piano, you should consider hiring the flat rate movers. The flat rate piano moving companies will quote you the lowest price for the service you want.

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How to Get the Lowest Price When hiring local piano moving companies, there are several factors that help you get the lowest piano moving cost. Long distance movers quote the lowest price for their services because they will be covering all the expenses. They will be covering all the fuel expenses, including gas, brake fluids, and parking. They will also be covering the insurance for your instrument. These are just some of the things that will help you get the lowest piano moving cost.

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How to Move Your Pianos Using Pianette Dolly Long distance piano movers are equipped with special dolly that can move your piano easily. The dolly is made of durable plastic and is very strong. Long distance piano moving equipment companies usually provide this dolly with wheels so that your instrument will be safe and will not get stuck in the small gap between the dolly and your piano. If you have a grand piano, you should consider using a professional piano dolly.

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Use of a Hiring Deciding whether or not to hire professionals will depend on how large your piano collection is. Professional movers will have expert knowledge and expertise about moving pianos. They will use proper moving procedures to move your piano safely and efficiently. They are well-trained to lift, carry, and place your instrument in the appropriate location for the trip. Some pianos may need only a few kilograms to be moved long distances, while other heavy pianos will need to be transported by a professional moving company.

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Using Piano Moving Blankets are used to protect the piano lid from damage during transportation. When you move a piano by yourself, you do not have blankets handy to protect it. Piano moving blankets are especially useful during long distance moving because they are easy to carry. Piano moving blankets can be bought from local moving supply stores or online at any number of websites. They are available in different styles and sizes that will ensure that you find the one that is most suitable for the type and size of your piano board.

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Do Not Pay Extra Fee: It is often difficult to determine whether you are being charged extra fee for local moving service or not. For local movers, the local standard rate is usually based on the distance and weight of your instrument. The standard local moving estimate usually does not include additional charges such as insurance, unpacking the piano, and insurance for damages to the instrument. You should ask your local movers about all charges before you sign any contract.