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Although it is entirely possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommend hiring local piano moving companies. For something so valuable and complex as a piano, it would be best to leave it in the hands of the professionals. It’s simple to locate a local moving company that offers good piano moving services at reasonable prices, and most can even include piano moving in with the rest of your home move.

The first thing you need to do, prior to your moving day, is to carefully measure your piano’s dimensions. Make sure you write down all of the dimensions, including height, width, and where the legs are positioned on the piano bench. These are especially important when you are moving an upright piano, which is much larger than a console or baby grand. Even though it’s possible to fit all of your furniture into the car, you’ll need to know how much room you have in order to move your piano safely.

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Next, check the weight of your furniture and decide if you’ll be able to lift it. Then determine how long you’re willing to stand on the piano while using the dolly. If you plan to move pianos by lifting them, it might be wise to invest in a portable dolly. Portable dollies can easily be folded for storage, which means that you won’t have to worry about limited space in your car. In addition, you’ll avoid the possibility of damaging your instrument while attempting to move it on a normal vehicle.

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Calculate the total weight of your belongings. Then, compare this weight to the manufacturer’s recommended weight for the particular item. Most general moving companies quote their services according to the flat rate of transport. This rate usually represents the total weight of all items, including the piano lid, with all parts together. If you plan to remove the lid while transporting, you should pay extra for the removal service, because piano lid parts are extremely fragile and can damage the fragile playing instrument if not properly handled.

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Determine how many miles you and/or your family will drive. Miles driven represent miles traveled during one trip. It is usually best to hire professional piano movers, because they can pack your piano’s tightly and properly and ensure that the lid and other moving parts are securely fastened. If you plan to move your piano by lifting them, be sure to request that your professional movers use special dolly attachments, as these accessories provide utmost stability and ease-of-use for even the largest pianos. As you learn how to move a piano, be sure to request that the moving company provide you with these specialized dollies.

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Determine how long you want to stay in your house while you DIY move your piano(s). Longer stays give you more time to research the details of your day move and make sure you get it right. You might discover that you cannot move your piano under your current circumstances, such as having bad credit or poor belongings. If this is the case, find a professional moving company and ask them to pre-arrange transportation for your piano(s) while you sort out your other details.

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Decide on the distance across the country that you wish to move your piano. The piano movers will provide you with a simple formula for calculating this distance. It consists of the distance traveled per diapason of the piano, multiplied by the number of days in which the piano is in the new home or residence. For example, if your piano is 6 months old and you are planning to move it across the country in that period of time, the formula would be: 6 divided by 7 days x number of days per diapason. Be aware that you will need to add an extra day for clearance and installation in the new home or residence; any delay in this could potentially result in charges being charged.

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Calculate your total local move charges from the prices quoted for the movers and then divide this total by the number of miles driven. The final price will include charges for any additional equipment needed to carry your piano to the new place, such as crates, ramps, dollies or furniture covers. The local movers will quote you based on these numbers; make sure you provide these numbers when you are negotiating with them so that they can give you a fair quote. In some cases, such as with long distance moves, you may find that the local movers can quote you less than the local movers in town.