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There are many people who have guns whether they own a permit to carry it in their home or not. For these individuals, moving the gun safely is very important. If you are not familiar with the techniques of moving a gun safely, then you should consider consulting a professional licensed moving company for advice. Moving Guns As You Own A Handgun When you are moving a handgun, there are many precautions that must be taken and a licensed moving company is your best option to make this necessary move with confidence.

Gun Safe Moving There are specific steps that must be followed when moving a handgun from one location to another, but the basic technique remains the same. First, locate the “safe” (that’s where you want to keep the handgun) and make sure it isn’t leaning against any pointed object, like the top of a stair, a picture frame or something similar. Second, remove the pistol from its holster as much as possible and keep it in a strong, flat surface with flat legs. Third, check the bolt and make sure it is not loose, since this is one of the most common causes of accidental firings.

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How to Move a Gun-Safe and Using Site Protection While at the ready to transport or move the gun-safe, ensure that all pockets and openings are completely covered, especially the area surrounding the spring and magazine. Never place a hand-held piece of media into these areas, and always use a gun-safe with a flat base and rigid sides. Sturdy strong metal legs are important for a flat surface to prevent the item from tipping over while being moved. For those using stair cases for transporting, using a padlock or pad restraint is important to prevent the case from falling down and injuring the contents.

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If choosing to use movers, the general protocol is to load in the handguns, magazines and bolt, then lock and load the same way on the new location. Remember, never place any other articles, such as purses or shoes, in the gun safes while moving. Always check to ensure that they are securely fastened before placing them in the moving truck or a container. Movers are experienced and know how to load all items correctly. A professional moving company can help guide you through this process to ensure that all factors are covered.

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Moving a Handgun Between Home and Work If you have a home security system, or your residence is protected by a first-line alarm system, you may be able to move your handgun safely between locations using some gun safe moving tips. First, be sure to disengage the alarm system before moving any type of handgun. This will help to reduce the likelihood of a false alarm being triggered. Also, it will help to keep the safety strap attached to the handgun to reduce the chance of it getting out of the gun safe during the move. Although guns cannot be moved quickly, if they are secured in a gun safe during the move, it will ensure that it remains in the same place when it arrives at your new destination.

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When choosing a professional mover, inquire about their experience and training in gun-safe loading. A qualified and experienced moving company should be able to demonstrate how the process works. Experienced movers can also provide you with gun-safe loading instructions, such as placing the bullet or cartridges in a locking plug attached to the gun-safe, and how to remove the magazine from the gun-safe after putting the ammunition inside. It is important that gun-safe loading be done by someone who is confident in his or her ability to perform the task. Moving a handgun should only be performed by someone who has taken the necessary training and who knows how to successfully complete the task.

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If you do not know how long a gun safe can be safely loaded before it must be removed from the location where it is being moved, ask the movers about this. It is important that gun safe moving can be completed without jeopardizing the safety of anyone. Moving a handgun to an unfamiliar location may not be as simple as it seems; therefore, experienced movers are the safest people to move a safe. The experienced movers will also know how long the gun safe weighs, so it won’t take too long to bring it all to its destination.

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There are several types of gun safe moving gear available to purchase on the Internet or at a local moving supply store. Some of these items are for sale at an affordable price, while others are for rent. The experienced gun safe movers will know exactly which products are necessary for the move and which items are unnecessary. It is important to ask questions concerning all of the necessary equipment for the gun safe move. Ask what type of straps are needed for a particular gun safe and if there are any special tools that must be used. Experienced gun safe movers will be happy to provide all of the necessary information and answer any questions that you may have.