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Moving a mattress is one of the most common tasks performed by homeowners. Usually, the last thing to be thought about is mattress moving, all the bulky bed has to be unscrewed, wrapped, and put carefully in a moving truck. But, moving a mattress to your new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. Here, you’ll learn about how to move a mattress the smart way and how to make the move as easy and stress-free. It will require a little bit of your time, but the results will be worth it.

Before starting the move, you have to prepare the mattress. In fact, you should have to get all the moving supplies in order, including tape, packing tape, mattress supports, mattress pads, plastic sheeting, duct tape, mattress straps, and tape measure. You can use these supplies to cover and protect the mattress until the movers arrive. Or, you can also use these supplies later to repair any damage that you might have made on the mattress during the move. By doing so, you are ensuring that the entire move proceeds smoothly and you can relax knowing that your bed will be ready when you are.

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Once you are done preparing the mattress, you can start transporting the mattress. The most common method of moving mattresses is on an ordinary truck, which is the most affordable way of transportation. If you choose to move the mattress by using a specialized truck, be sure that the vehicle is large enough to transport both the mattress and the packing materials. Be careful though, because bigger trucks can be harder to handle, so you have to choose a truck that is appropriate for the size of your mattress. However, if you choose to move the mattress by using a van or car, you have to take into consideration the weight of the mattress and the weight of the materials.

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One option that you have is to pay the movers to provide a plastic mattress cover. Just make sure that the plastic mattress cover is waterproof to prevent mold and mildew from forming. This is important especially if the movers will be transporting the mattresses in damp places such as parking lots, outdoor sheds, or showers. Having a plastic mattress cover will also help protect the mattresses from dirt, dust, and debris.

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If you want, you can also avail of a mattress moving rental. A mattress moving rental is a cost-effective way of moving the mattresses. Since the movers already have all the equipment and materials, it will only cost you a minimal amount. It is cheaper than buying the materials separately. However, this option may not be suitable for busy people who cannot spend a long time in loading and unloading the truck.

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The other option that you have is to rent a flatbed semi-trailer or pickup truck to move your mattress. You only need to make arrangement for the flatbed to be folded while the truck is waiting for it at the destination. Again, you need to consider the weight of the folded mattress since the flatbed is going to carry it.

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It would be better if you opt to purchase a mattress instead of folding one. If you are going to purchase a mattress instead of folding it, you can simply use heavy duty plastic sheets instead of wrapping the mattress. These plastic sheets can protect the mattress from wear and tear. Furthermore, you can just use the flatbed for other purposes such as lifting and moving things on the other side of the house.

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When it comes to protecting the mattress, you should invest on a mattress protector. Mattress protectors are designed to wrap around the whole mattress so that nothing can hurt your precious bedding. These mattress protectors also come in different sizes, colors, materials and designs to suit the taste of people from all walks of life. Furthermore, these protectors are also easy to use. Just stick it on the mattress, pull the protector until it wraps completely around the mattress. You will be very glad with the protection of your expensive bedding.