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Junk removal is often a necessary component of the complete decluttering procedure, concentrating on the act of throwing out junk correctly. This is not as easy as it sounds, especially with large items that tend to become all over the place. A standard local trash pickup or even regular trash pickup service would just dump your junk off at your front door, walk away and leave. However, there is another option for getting rid of your own junk. It just takes a little bit of research and some elbow grease…your local moving company! Here is how it works.

The first step is always the most difficult: admitting you have too much junk. You might not even realize how much clutter actually is until you get to the moving truck. There is always a certain amount of stuff that someone can never get rid of, be it out of their house or out of their garage. That is where the moving company comes in.

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Moving companies charge by the hour, depending on how large of an area they hauler. If you only have a small area to move, you may be able to save money by hiring just one hauling company. Call around and find the best rates before you book your services. You may also want to check websites for prices or to ask about special options such as bulk hauling or even the option of combining cleanouts with other services. Many moving companies offer special discounts for multiple hauling orders.

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Most moving junk removal companies do not have a recycling center. This means you will need to bring your own recyclable materials to the trash removal location. Be sure to ask if this is included in the quote or if you must pay extra to have this added. It is often cheaper to simply buy a box and bring your own containers. These are usually provided at no extra cost when you order online.

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Most moving junk removal companies will require you to load up all of your items in a vehicle before they will come to your home. This is usually a flat rate fee that is based on cubic feet of load or a rate per load. For some companies, this fee may include a minimum distance for your load, so be sure to ask before you sign.

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When you call one of these moving junk removal services for a quote, be prepared to provide them with your name, address, and phone number. They may need to see your insurance policy in order to get rid of your personal property if it is damaged during the move. Some locations require proof of insurance in order to haul away damaged personal property. However, this is rare.

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If the company will not give you a written quote, it is best to ask what the company’s rates are for moving items by a specific weight. Call several different companies and get quotes from each before deciding on the one you would like to work with. This will help you compare prices and ensure you get the best deal on your truck space at the right price.

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Junk removal services are more affordable than moving trucks and more convenient than carrying boxes all day long. They can move your entire home or business with convenience, efficiency, and a low cost. Make sure you choose the right company before beginning your move, because it can be stressful and expensive. Get a quote today for the convenience of moving your stuff yourself.