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How long distance piano movers charge is dependent on several factors. How heavy is the piano? How big is it? Is the piece insured or do you need to carry full insurance? Different types of pianos are priced differently and moving a heavy or oversize one can increase the expense significantly.

Heavier and bigger pianos cost more to move between point A and point B simply because they do require more manpower with special equipment, more wrapping material and even partial disassembling for safe transport. Pianist or owner should determine the total weight of the instrument including accessories before calling a professional piano moving experts estimate moving time. Some of the typical piano moving supplies required for long distance move include piano moving pads, dolly, flatbed trailer, heavy dolly, cross board, U-bend tie down frame, dolly hanger, rope, portable piano skid board and other supplies. These supplies can be found at local stores and distributors specializing in moving supplies.

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Piano owners can hire local movers to do the entire move of their piano or they may choose to do it themselves by selecting local piano moving companies to help with the move. Professional moving companies offer professional equipment such as piano rolling equipment, dollies, dolly lifts and overhead crane to make moving a piano an easy, fast and safe process. They also have experienced moving professionals who understand how to move a piano the safest way possible.

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When moving a piano, it is typically more expensive than moving a less heavy instrument because the piano is often considered to be more valuable. Also, because it is usually more complex and has more parts, the moving costs are typically higher. In addition, the moving costs typically depend on the distance of the distance between your home and the destination where your piano will be delivered. The longer the distance between the two locations, the higher the costs will be. Also, if you are moving it from a different state, there may be additional charges associated with the transportation of your piano.

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When you consider how to move a piano with professional movers, you will also need to know how to properly transport pianos safely. Professional movers will use proper dollies and straps to transport pianos to their new destination. The dollies, commonly called “shakers”, will be placed under the legs of the piano. The straps will be used to securely hang the dollies so that they do not become loose while in transit. Proper dolly and strap placement are critical to safely transporting your instrument.

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Typically, long distance movers will move upright pianos rather than long bassinets. Upright pianos typically weigh more because their necks are typically longer. As a result, they typically weigh more when they are put on long, flat trucks. The long truck can fit under the Upright piano without harming the instrument. In addition, long, flat trucks typically offer better access to the piano’s treetops.

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Before you even start thinking about how to pack your instrument, you should consider the type of piano. There are three different types of piano: upright, cabinet, and cylinder. Upright pianos are typically light and are suitable for long journeys. However, they typically take up more space than other types of pianos. Generally, upright pianos can easily fit into standard size trucks. If the piano will be placed on top of the truck, special racks and boxes can be purchased to maximize space.

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In addition to how much does it cost to move an upright piano, long distance moves often involve other moving services. The most common services include packing, loading, transporting, and unloading. If you plan on doing some of these services on your own, you should let the moving company know in advance. In addition, you should make arrangements with your moving company to have a person to watch the instruments while they are being moved.