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Mattress moving is a common household task that most couples have to go through at some point in their lifetime. The experience can be both fun and frightening, depending on what kind of moving process you choose to undergo. If you and your spouse have already gone through this ordeal, it won’t be that much fun. However, if you are a first-timer, the prospect can be overwhelming. In this article, you will find some useful tips to help you with your move.

Mattress moving is often done by either using traditional mattress dollies or using truck mounted rollers. If you are using the dollies, there are some important safety precautions to consider before starting the process. First, if you have an old mattress, you should carefully check it to see if it can be moved safely. Many people are allergic to even the smallest dust particles, so it’s best to remove the old mattress before starting any move a mattress process. Remember to unplug any electrical appliances while carrying the old mattress so as not to get electrocuted.

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For truck mounted mattress moving, many movers use special plastic mattress cover dollies that protect the mattress during the move. Other people prefer to use plastic movers because they are more lightweight and easier to push around the home. You need to know what kind of plastic mattress cover each of the movers uses before trying to move a mattress with them. If the company has several types available, the cost of each can be very expensive. The most important thing to do before renting or purchasing any plastic mattress cover is to ask questions so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Before the movers begin moving your bed, it’s a good idea to have someone else help with any electrical appliances in your home. This can make a huge difference in the safety of the entire move a mattress process, as well as in the price you pay. Some moving companies provide a temporary generator for this purpose, but it may be necessary to rent or purchase one. It’s important for you to stay out of the way of the generator while it is being moved, but remaining inside the room is fine so long as you aren’t near it when it’s disassembled after the move is complete. If you’re paying separately for the moving, the cost of the generator might be included in the total cost of the move.

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During the moving, you need to take any old, broken, or unused mattresses with you. One of the main attractions of moving houses is the chance to get rid of mattresses that have been used once or twice before. These mattresses, however, may not be right for the new mattress that will be delivered. So, if you have a mattress left over from your last move, consider either donating it or taking it along with you to the new mattress moving house.

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Before the movers come, take a look at the bed. Are the seams loose, and are the corners pillowed adequately? Loose seams mean there could be serious problems, especially if your bed was made by hand. Pillow padding also matters here, as if it’s not level, you could easily sink into the mattress if you try to stand on one corner. Make sure the mattress is level before the movers go ahead with the move.

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Once the mattress has been transported, it’s time to unpack everything. Take off all of the items that are not absolutely necessary to the new home and put them in the moving van or the truck. Then all that is left is packing up the bed and any extra furniture. The most important things are the television, computer equipment, and any jewelry or pictures that you might have taken in your new home. Anything else can be packed up separately as you go.

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If you decide to hire mattress moving specialists, remember to ask about insurance. This way, in case anything happens to your possessions during the move a mattress specialist can take care of it. As long as you ask ahead of time, it’s easy to get the protection you need. And, of course, don’t forget to ask your mover’s how long it will take them to move your mattress to your new home!