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Moving a gun safe is not as simple as running down to the local moving supply store and picking out the gun safe that you want to transport. If you are moving a gun safe, be sure that you know how to move it safely. Even if you have a light duty safe to move, you’ll still have to use special equipment to transport it or load it with caution. As with any moving project, it pays to do your homework. So check up on your local movers before you hire them to help you move your gun safe.

Correctly Moving A Gun Safe If you have a small, heavy safe to move or perhaps you re moving an extremely large gun safe, you will have to employ some specialized equipment to move it safely. Something to keep in mind: do not move your gun safe during it’s loaded. Even though the box may appear to be heavy and may feel heavy, it is simply a hollow steel shell that can easily crush if you let go of the screws that hold it together. When packing for gun safe moving tips, it is important to pack things carefully and safely. Never overload the moving box. Otherwise, the box could collapse, injuring those inside.

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Hiring a Professional Gun Safe Moving Company If you want to do it on your own, you can obtain a gun safe moving kit from most moving supply stores or from online retailers. Before using these moving kits, however, it is important to educate yourself on proper gun safe moving procedures so that you avoid injury. The first step involves removing the safety plate from the base. Next, secure the support beam to the floor with non metallic materials.

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You can easily weigh your gun safes by placing them flat against a table and taking them out individually. You should then lift the base up so that it can easily weigh down the support beam. Once the weight is distributed across the entire box, place the supporting beam under the weight and set it up in such a way that it will hold the whole box. Use the screws provided to fasten the support beam in place.

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Gun Safe Moving Services Using Gun Safe Moving ServicesThe best gun safe moving services usually provide their customers with an experienced crew that will load the safe on a set of stairs. It is important for you to choose a company that uses very heavy items. Remember that even though you’re moving a pistol safe, it could extremely damage it if the stairway is narrow and therefore the company should use large strong support beams instead. You could also choose a company that places the safe on a set of stairs. This allows you to lift the safe up using only one hand. This will allow you to prevent any accidents because you won’t be able to push or pull the safe on your own.

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When hiring professional moving companies, make sure that they use heavy duty equipment and this will ensure that the safe will not fall over or be damaged. Professional movers also use ladders to make sure that they are able to get into the gun case without causing any damage to themselves. These ladders are normally used to help them get in and out of the car or van safely.

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Gun Safe Moving With Furniture GlidersA way to help protect your gun safes while still moving them around is to utilize furniture gliders. Furniture gliders make it easy to roll the safe inside and outside your vehicle. The glider comes with wheels that will make it easier for you to cart the safe around. Most furniture gliders are made out of a sturdy material to make sure that they don’t tilt over and break when being moved.

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Gun Safe Moving Proper Equipment moves guns into all kinds of environments. While most of us assume that they can move themselves, this is often not the case. A professional moving company will know how to move a gun safe efficiently and this will make the process much more pleasant. It is a good idea to invest in proper equipment for every move you make. This is the best way to ensure that no matter what obstacles you face moving your gun safe, your safe will still be protected.