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Furniture moving can be a very expensive undertaking. Even with a professional furniture mover, you may wind up spending more than anticipated. This is why it is important to consider these important Furniture Moving Tips when you are considering moving your stuff in preparation for a new home or office. Here are some things that will help you decide how to move your furniture without breaking the bank.

Time. Time is probably the biggest cost-related factor for most moving services. Some movers charge by the hour, while others charge by the job. Either way, the amount of time taken to complete a move will add to the overall cost. Calculate how long each piece of furniture needs to be moved, including any preparation time, and consider this as part of your Furniture Moving Tips.

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A Heavy Item. If you are moving furniture in bulk, like many do, you are going to need a heavy item such as a dolly to move it with. The weight of the furniture dolly should be taken into consideration when you determine how much to pay for a move service. As an alternative, consider getting the help of friends or family members to help you move the heavy items.

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Your Furniture. You may also need to rent a larger vehicle to transport your entire furniture set, including couches, sofas, beds and television sets, etc. It’s important to make sure that you know how much each piece weighs, including freight and handling fees. You may even need to rent a truck to transport all of this furniture under one roof if you’re expecting company.

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Shrink Wrap. If you are moving furniture by truck, you should definitely take advantage of a shrink wrap service. This service will wrap your items in a specially designed shrink wrap paper so that they can be transported safely and securely. A good shrink wrap service will also remove the original packaging inside the shrink wrap so that your items will appear as new as possible once they are in your new home.

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Lifting Large Furniture Items. Professional movers are great at moving furniture, but not so great at lifting large items such as mattresses. That’s why you should always contract the services of professional movers when you’re moving large items such as mattresses. Any moving straps or other hardware should be employed to lift the mattress from the ground. Never lift the mattress by leaning it against the truck.

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Dresser. Just like with other pieces of furniture, you should never move a dresser by yourself or hire the services of a household helper to move the dresser. The weight of a dresser can easily exceed 200 pounds, depending on its size. Make sure your household helper has the appropriate equipment for moving this heavy furniture, such as dollies.

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Furniture Move Allocation. Your next move might just be to move all of your furniture into the same room. In order to make things easy on yourself, hire the services of a professional to move your items into the new home. The amount of dresser drawers you will need depends on how many family members live in the house, as well as other factors such as floor space. If you have children, it is recommended you move the dressers slowly so they don’t get hurt while moving the furniture.