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Moving day can bring on stress and worries, it is important to know how to move a hot tub. With the right tools and the right planning it can often be done without too much stress. An average hot tub without much water usually weights around 900 pounds. It doesn’t go without saying that you have to plan for some pretty serious lifting when moving this large object. Here are some tips on how to move a hot tub.

The first thing you will want to do is to contact a local moving company. A good way to find one is by doing a simple internet search. You can also contact your local home improvement center for references or referrals. Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few moving companies, call each and see if they offer a discount on moving services if you use their dolly.

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When choosing a moving company, make sure you are choosing a reputable business. There are many people who try to pass off cheap moving services as the real thing. If you are going to spend the time and money to get your spa or hot tub in a proper condition, don’t you want it to last? Don’t try to skimp on your moving services, hire a quality mover. A quality moving company should have a strong reputation and years of experience in the moving services they offer.

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When you are calling the moving company, ask how much their moving equipment costs. If they give you an estimate without any reference to the cost, stay away from them. They are probably looking to get paid as soon as possible. A professional moving company should quote you a price that includes all of the moving materials that will be used and that is realistic.

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The best moving company is not going to take a long time to move your belongings. It should be able to get everything loaded into the truck and into your new home in no time. Moving companies use trucks with professional drivers who know how to pack boxes and where to put them. Moving pods are available to store your things while they are being moved.

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Moving companies have the benefit of insurance. They can insure your belongings against damage, loss, theft and breakage. Before hiring movers, ask your moving company how much protection they have. If you are paying for insurance on your spa or hot tub, make sure that your moving company carries insurance for it.

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Hot tub moving companies don’t have the advantage of breakable walls or ceilings that can lead to a broken tub. If you have added floor area to your spa, consider adding an extra level to the spa before moving day. A spa that is too high will be difficult to get into for many people. Ask your moving company if the spa can be moved in sections, like an L-shape. This will allow you to place the spa across the bottom, while still keeping it within the frame of the house.

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Hiring movers can help you move your hot tubs. The expense of hiring movers will depend on how much your home spa is worth. Moving companies are trained to handle all types of big items. Your spa may be worth several thousand dollars. Don’t attempt to move it on your own; contact a professional moving company to get it moved safely and securely.