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Refrigerator Moving is often one of the most dreaded household service projects. The last thing you want is to have to do it by yourself, especially if the refrigerator is quite large. Moving a large fridge requires some planning and attention to detail. Professionally trained moving movers are available to take care of the details for you. Whether you’re moving a refrigerator from one floor to another or moving it from one floor to the other, the experts at your local moving company will be able to get the job done efficiently. The Refrigerator Moving Checklist answers several important questions that you should ask yourself before starting to move anything.

Refrigerator Moving Checklist: What Is Your New Location? The location of the refrigerator is the first step when considering how to move a refrigerator. Will it be moved in one fell swoop or will multiple trips be required? Depending on the appliance’s features and how much room it takes up, you might need a bit of help moving it.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist: How To Transfer It From One Floor To Another? This step may depend on how large the refrigerator is as well as how you plan to transport it from one floor to another. You’ll want to consider any additional hardware needed such as wheels, ramps, or dollies for the transport of fragile kitchen appliances. Professional movers can provide tips on how to best pack your refrigerator for moving so that you will be able to make the most of your time and space while saving both time and money.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist: How To Move A Refrigerator With A dolly First, you will need to make sure your moving crew is properly prepared with the appropriate dollies for moving large appliances. If there are several appliances to move, a dolly should be used. This type of dolly provides greater flexibility and mobility for moving and positioning than flat-bed dolly. However, flat-bed dolly is still preferred by some companies because of its more compact size and easy set-up.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist: How To Connect Appliances When connecting appliances, power cord should be left on during transport. For refrigerators without power cords, a high quality power cord should be provided by the movers. The power cord is essential in providing sufficient power for the refrigerator to start. It also provides the means of disconnecting the appliance in case you need to perform any repairs before moving the fridge to your new home.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist: How To Store Refrigerator While in transit To store your refrigerator, you must first unplug it from any power source to avoid any accidents. A rack or small cart can be used to store it upright while you unplug the plumbing and power cord from the refrigerator. Extra care should be taken not to allow any liquids to freeze inside the fridge. Extra care should also be taken if you plan to store food as food items will need extra space to defrost.

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Refrigerator Moving Safety Tips You should follow these safety tips to avoid any accidents while moving fridges. Always move a fridge at a slow speed and check the moving area for any obstacles or dangerous underbrush. Fridge is the most fragile appliance and any mistake can result in serious damage. For additional information on fridge moving safety tips, contact the manufacturer.

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Moving Your Refrigerator is not a piece of cake. It should be handled with great care to prevent any damage due to overloading, uneven surface, bumpy floor, sharp objects, etc. If you wish to make sure that your refrigerator remains safe while moving, hire the services of experienced professionals. There are many companies available who provide moving services at affordable rates. Before starting your journey, make sure you know all the terms & conditions of the company, like whether they offer free delivery to your new location or money back guarantee. If you are satisfied with the service provided by the company, only then go ahead and start the process of moving your refrigerator.