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Do you know how to move a couch successfully? That is, unless you are moving it by yourself. You see, moving a couch on your own can be a very difficult (and potentially dangerous) endeavor. Here’s some information that might help…

If you are moving a couch, there are two main categories of movers out there – those who have moved equipment and those who don’t. Based on the shortage of moving equipment and professional technique, assuming that the people in the above video weren’t experts, think of the people in the first video as fairly inexperienced couch moving technicians. Despite their lack of expertise, this poor innocent sofa did not need to perish like an ignominous death. As long as they followed the guidelines discussed in this article, this sofa would have made it through most any moving disaster.

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The most important part of any successful couch moving job is to have the right tools. Unless you are moving a full-sized, solid-wood sofa, there is no need for heavy equipment. A common sense approach is also appropriate here – do not try to do any excess weight that you are not able to lift. This will just create more problems for the movers and likely make the whole couch move a much longer, more costly project.

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One of the easiest methods for a novice moving contractor to move a couch is simply using a dolly. By using a dolly, the movers are able to push the sofa in one complete circle, rather than individually pushing each corner. Another related tip is to make sure that you have all of the proper equipment. In addition to the standard moving tools such as a couch plank, an empty pallet, a truck bed, and possibly your own forklift, the movers will need equipment such as heavy duty tape, curtain ties, duct tape, tarps, furniture straps, ropes, and back boards.

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Of course, no one wants to think about the logistics of moving heavy couches, but truthfully, it is necessary. First of all, heavy couches are obviously much heavier than the average sofa. For this reason, the movers must be sure to have the proper equipment on hand, including a strong yet lightweight dolly, strong ropes, heavy duty tape, tarps, curtain ties, light couches with foam cut outs, and other supplies. Also, if the move will involve a stairway, the movers will need to have the proper equipment on hand to strap down each individual stair. These are all just some of the extra considerations for movers with heavy couches. It pays to be prepared.

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The next issue that will arise during the move is the actual process itself. Many people will not want to contemplate the actual movement of the couch, but it is important to do so. Take a look at pictures from previous couch moves to get a general idea of what is involved. Remember, there are a lot of specialized tools involved in moving couches, and if you don’t know how to use them, you will end up getting injured. A moving company should be able to show you how to lift and carry the couch.

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If you are wondering how to move a couch, one of the major issues involved in moving is loading up the dolly. The dolly is basically a bed or sofa with wheels that can be used to load the entire couch into a vehicle. This is a very important step and you have to make sure that you have a strong dolly. You also need to make sure that you get the dolly lowered safely into the truck. One of the worst things that can happen when loading a couch into a truck is to not use the dolly properly and allow it to tip over backward, which could result in structural damage to your truck or could cause injuries.

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If you’re wondering how to move a couch, you can move it by yourself using specialized equipment. But if you’re going to hire professional furniture movers, they will make things a lot easier on you. When professional moves a couch, it’s like having two people in one room. It’s best to make sure that you trust the professionals and you always give them the opportunity to get it exactly how they want it to be.