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If you have a piano in your home that you no longer use, or if you have bought a new one recently, you are probably concerned about how to move it. If so, you should know that piano moving does not have to be difficult. In fact, the process can be quite simple. And local piano movers can make the move even easier and less expensive!

If you do decide that piano moving is something you will need to do eventually, there are some things you can do to make sure that you will not overpay. Local piano movers do not charge much to transport your instrument, as long as you get an estimate of the cost from at least three piano movers before the movers depart for the day. Prices vary considerably. You might find that local movers quote prices that include the cost of a truck rental.

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Once you get an estimate, you can begin to compare movers. In most cases you will find that moving companies that offer free estimates are more expensive than moving companies that charge a base price. The reason is that many movers will provide a packing service along with the free estimate. They know how to pack delicate items, including pianos, very well because they have been doing it for a long time.

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It is important to ask questions when you are considering piano moving. You will want to find out what type of transportation is offered. Will the moving companies use a flatbed truck, or will you have to trailer the instrument? Will you be responsible for driving the vehicle, or will someone else be in charge of taking it to the new location? Inquire about all of the details before you sign any contract.

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Check with your local board of licensing and inspection. You will need to provide them with the model and serial number of your instrument to check with the local transportation department to see if it is allowed to be transported a long distance. If it is not allowed, call the local fmcsa office and ask if there is a local fmcsa that allows this type of moving. You can also check your local building codes. Many buildings have special restrictions about moving large musical instruments.

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Check with the dealer at the store where you purchased the piano. It is best to know the dimensions and weight of the piano around the time of the move. Moving a grand piano around may require the assistance of at least two people. Grand piano dealers can usually arrange for professional movers to move your instrument as part of the agreement.

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If you are moving a vertical piano board by car, there are several options available. Horizontal sliding doors provide more flexibility and don’t compromise the quality of the board. Horizontal sliding doors can be locked, but it is safer to lock them. This style of board is also more difficult to install on a dolly. You can use your own dolly for horizontal sliding if it is a smaller board.

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If you choose a dolly for moving your vertical piano, make sure that it is strong enough to carry the weight. Horizontal sliding doors are more difficult to handle. Some dolly companies offer services for vertical piano board moving. Be sure to contact a reputable company before hiring movers. A reputable local company that has experience in moving pianos will be happy to help you plan a local moving solution.