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Moving a piano is one of the most chForneyging but rewarding things you can do as a piano owner. However, moving a piano is not something everyone can do on their own. The traditional skid board is very expensive and usually it is too late to make the most of it by moving the piano yourself. Fortunately, they are also relatively simple to make at home and are perfectly suited to future moves. Here’s the local DIY guide to making your own long distance piano moving boards.

If you decide to move pianos by yourself, there are many factors you must take into consideration. You must determine if your move will be local or long distance and what type of moving method you will be using. This is especially important for upright pianos, because if you are moving them in the local area, you must have a local piano mover. If, however, you decide to move them long distance, you may find that there are not enough local piano movers to handle your needs.

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So where do you find local piano moving professionals? There are many options available. For upright and larger pianos, call around your local area and ask local movers if they would recommend them. If you do not have any local movers in mind, check online to see if you can find local professionals who have experience moving pianos. Contact several movers and get price quotes to find out who offers the best value.

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Once you have determined how far you will be moving the piano, you need to decide if you want to use a small diameter dolly or a long cylinder dolly. A small diameter dolly is ideal for smaller moves and for people who do not have a lot of experience moving pianos. Long cylinder dollies are better for larger or longer moves. They offer better protection and can fit through narrow doorways. Either option is good for Piano movers who are moving an upright piano.

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Another essential piece of equipment for piano moving is a skid board. The skid board should be made of sturdy plastic that can withstand the weight of the instrument. The piano skid board should be flat and rectangular so that it can fit securely on the floor. The weight of the instrument should be spread over a large area; therefore, selecting a flat, rectangular board is preferable. Piano movers recommend that you choose a piano skid board that has interlocking edges so that they will be easier to assemble.

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When you are choosing piano moving supplies, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a strap for lifting and a set of piano movers’ straps. A piano skid board, a piano move skid board and piano straps are important for proper lifting. Straps are secured under each corner and across the board. A piece of rope is wrapped around the front of each strap.

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The piano movers will attach permanently to the floor of your home with permanent straps. Many professional movers offer quality moving straps. When you order piano moving straps online, you will find many different sizes and shapes of permanently strapped straps. Before ordering, measure the moving space and determine how many straps you will need. Piano movers may offer free shipping and handling for large or heavy orders. Smaller items may be ordered by weight.

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If you own several pieces of furniture, you can arrange them properly when moving just one large piece. It is recommended that you do not order a piano on the same day as several other pieces because it can be difficult to arrange all of the moving pieces properly. It is best to arrange the moving of the grand pianos on the day you have the other pieces moved. The dollies can then be placed in the garage. Your old grand piano can now be played with pleasure, without worrying about the damage caused by the moving trucks.