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Often, the last thing to think about when moving is mattress moving, often the most cumbersome bed to set up, wrap, dismantle, and put back together is usually taken to a local moving company. But moving a mattress from one location to another can be both quick and simple. Here, we talk about some tips for how to move a mattress safely and quickly, and how to avoid the hassle of setting up the bed on a dolly. Here are some suggestions for how to move a mattress from place to place:

Know how to pack your mattress with care. It’s very important that mattresses are transported in dry packaging, in plastic bags with soft fabric or blankets to provide cushioning. If they’re not packaged, then beware that even a small misstep on a luggage curb can cause a mattress to tip over or start to roll over, which is dangerous to the structure and can cause serious bodily injury. Moving mover companies recommend that mattresses are packed in mattress bags rather than in furniture removals boxes.

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Ask a moving company that specializes in transporting mattresses how to move a mattress. In most cases, they will have special transport gear for dealing with mattresses, including special boxes and dollies designed to transport them and special mattress supports that help them stay in place while being moved. Depending on the circumstances of your move, you may find that moving a mattress is easier than transporting a sofa or box top. A moving specialty company should be able to provide you with specific details about how to move a mattress safely and quickly, or refer you to a qualified professional.

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It’s important to ensure that the movers you hire to take good care of your mattress during the move. It’s a good idea to request samples of their work, so you’ll know if you’re getting someone who specializes in moving mattresses or if you’re looking at some amateurish move. Before the movers bring your mattress, make sure to remove the packing peanuts from it and any loose flakes of paper covering the mattress. You’ll also want to check the springs and struts of the mattress to see if they’re in good condition and functioning properly.

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Before any moving begins, your movers will need to remove any personal items from your bedroom. Your movers may suggest that you remove all decorative pillows, curtains and any other non-removable pieces from the rooms where you will be sleeping. This will give the mover’s room to pack your mattress and other items separately, which will reduce the chances for anything to become loose during transport. Additionally, removing these things from the bedrooms increases the likelihood of someone slipping or tripping on them during the move.

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Once the mattress is moved into the truck, it will be subjected to a series of checks. The movers will verify that all boxes and totes are filled and that nothing was accidentally left behind. If you have already assembled your belongings into a suitcase or cart, check to see how many of them are covered with packing peanuts. Many people leave packing peanuts inside their mattresses, believing that by doing so the mattresses will be less likely to become damaged. However, these little snacks can actually puncture some of the smaller seams on the mattress. It’s best to completely remove the packing peanuts before the mattress is loaded into the truck.

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Once your mattress has been moved into the truck, it will need to remain covered until it’s transported to your new house. Because the truck can’t see the mattress, any spills or holes it causes in the mattress could become hidden. If your mattress is not covered when it’s picked up, you could see stains or other problems appear where the bedding used to be. This can be especially embarrassing if the bedding is something you haven’t seen before.

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While mattress moving companies will generally quote a flat rate for moving a mattress, this fee can vary depending on the distance the mattress needs to be moved. Freight fees will also differ depending on the size and make of the truck needed. You should plan on spending a little extra money to help lower your chances of damage to your precious item. Don’t overlook the small details when you’re trying to move a mattress – it’s worth it. Don’t sign any papers you aren’t sure of without double-checking them. And remember, if a mattress appears too difficult to move, it probably isn’t the best choice.