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When someone is considering the idea of having their pianos moved, they have many questions. These questions are usually about how long it will take, what kind of moving supplies to buy, how to move a piano, how to avoid damaging the instrument, and the costs associated with moving a piano long distance. Long distance piano movers offer a variety of services that can make moving a piano much easier and faster than if the move was done locally. A local piano moving company will be able to explain all of these factors and more to give prospective clients the answers they are looking for.

How long does it take to move a piano? How many people move a piano each year? Many people have been shocked to find out how often movers quote a three day minimum time required for moving a piano. This is because there are so many factors involved. If three days seems like too much time when you are only concerned about how to get your piano to its new home, then many people find that local piano moving companies are the best choice for them.

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The actual time it takes to move a piano depends on a number of factors. The size and weight of the instrument can play a big role in how long it takes. In many cases, if the movers quote you two weeks, it really means two full weeks of time. One way to cut down on this time frame is by simply making sure that all of your furniture, such as couches, loveseats, chairs, tables, and others, are also packed into your car and taken to your new location. Another way is by breaking up the piano moving process into different sections: packing the equipment and transporting it to the parking area, disassembling everything after unloading the vehicle, and unpacking everything at your destination.

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Other factors that can play into how long it takes to move a piano include the kind of transportation chosen, the logistics of getting the items to their new destination, and the physical strength of the piano or instrument. An electric piano will be considerably heavier than a model that uses wood or steel tubing. This adds additional weight that must be transported and might cause problems along the way. A professional piano moving company has all of the equipment and manpower necessary to move a large piano or other large, strong people with no problems.

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When people move, they often need to transport pianos, too. It can be a physically demanding move and requires strong people to get the job done. Strong people can use the proper equipment for moving pianos, including wheelchairs and/or crutches. However, because some pianos are very large and unwieldy, strong people might actually damage them in their haste to get the items moved. There is also the issue of unloading the items at their destination as well as unpacking them once they reach their destination.

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Pianos that are being moved from town to town or from country to country are not usually being moved on a flat surface. They are often fitted with narrow doors and ramps that make them easy to slip and roll. This can pose problems when professional piano movers are called in to take care of the move. Not only do the people moving the piano have to worry about getting it into narrow doorways and around curbs and ditches, but they also have to make sure it doesn’t get stepped on by rushing visitors.

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The best way to find the appropriate piano mover in your area is to use a local internet search engine to find moving companies near you. A good mover will list their service options on their website. Ask if they have a special group that handles short term moving for pianos. A reputable mover will offer an internet price for the service. This price can often be significantly less than the suggested replacement value in a local moving directory.

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Piano movers are specialists when it comes to moving pianos, so it is a good idea to learn a bit about them before calling them. Find out how long they have been moving piano’s and learn about their insurance policy. Also ask about their customer service and whether they give discounts to clients who sign a written guarantee or hire their entire moving team. A reliable piano mover will provide a free estimate in writing. This will let you know right away whether you will be paying more than suggested or whether your proposed piano move will fall within their budget.