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Senior moving services are no longer just full-service movers. They can not only be full-service movers, but also agents who help customers with all aspects of the senior relocation process. For example, they may handle all the packing and moving, but they may also be part of a larger moving company that handles all the steps from start to finish. This way, people don’t have to worry about hiring their own transport or packing supplies and don’t have to worry about remembering what items should be where. Instead, they can just give the responsible party(s) information about how they want everything packed, and the moving company will take care of it.

But not all moving services are full-service. Some only handle short-term moves for senior residents, or for people who have become too used to their current residence that they need a break. Such individuals could use a relocation agency’s assistance to help them find a new apartment. Other services can include storing belongings during the move and transporting them to a new location when the time comes.

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There are many things that go into senior downsizing. One of the most important aspects is the management of the belongings during the move – which is done by a professional relocation service. The reason why this is so important for any senior moving and packing move is because it’s a physical load that weighs heavy on the back and shoulders, and it can damage the body in ways that a simple arthritis injury (asthma) won’t.

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The management of senior downsizing starts long before the actual move takes place. A moving and packing company should first determine what area of the senior citizen needs to be moved. This includes the entire residence, if necessary. Next, the professional service will create a packing schedule for each room. These include measurements of the rooms, furniture arrangement and how much room that furniture will realistically occupy. Depending on the needs of the senior resident, this plan may also include specific items that he or she would prefer to move.

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Once the schedule is set, senior moving companies will begin working with their client. Senior moving companies have a team of professional experienced professionals that work together as a moving team. This team will take inventory of everything that needs to be moved and then organize it into a timely and efficient manner. They will pack everything and then transport it to the new location. Once the items are in their new homes, the senior move managers pack up and unpack once everything is ready.

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A good moving and packing service will have a system in place that allows its customers to track their boxes and belongings. It’s also a good idea for a service to offer a prepaid service, which is similar to a debit card. The customer uses the prepaid service and pays a small deposit, which is held by the moving service. Once the item is paid off, the deposit is returned to the customer, and the company then begins the process of moving the senior citizen’s belongings.

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A good moving and packing company will provide their customers with an ample supply of tape, boxes, tape dispensers and tapes of different sizes. These items can be used for both short-term and long-term storage. It is important for downsizing and long-term storage facilities to have plenty of backup tape so that important documents or photos do not get lost. Many downsizing and long-term relocation facilities choose to use video tape for these storage needs.

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As you can see, there are many services that can be offered to help with downsizing and long-term relocation. Whether your senior loved one needs to relocate to an assisted living or to a more comfortable retirement community, there are moving and packing companies that will be able to help. Senior moving services are happy to make all of these arrangements to make sure that your senior loved one can move in a safe and timely manner. Contact today to start the process of moving your senior loved one. You will be glad you did.