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Although it is certainly possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommend using local piano moving companies. For an item such as this, which is so valuable and complex, it makes perfect sense to leave it in the hands of the experts. It’s easy to locate a local moving company that provides piano moving services at reasonable rates, and most can also include piano moving into a complete home move. Here’s how to move a piano the right way.

Most local piano movers will provide you with the professional expertise required for moving an upright piano, but be aware that different types of upright pianos require different methods for moving. For a long-distance move, like the one mentioned above, most movers will include the move in to their price quote. In most cases, they will use a dolly to move the piano (with your assistance, of course), but you may find that some companies have special trucks that can move the piano with no assistance at all. You’ll want to consider how much, if any, equipment you’ll need for the move ahead of time. Some long-distance moves are particularly hectic because it takes time to unload and load the piano, set it up, move it into the truck, unload it again, then bring it back to the place of storage.

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Another common type of piano moving job involves taking grands across the country, particularly to states like Texas and Texas, as well as to Texas. Grands come in a variety of sizes and styles, so don’t feel like you need to get a whole new moving van just to move a grand piano from place to place. You can usually find a local moving company that specializes in grands to move your grands across the country.

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The size and style of the instrument, of course, are going to be very important to your decision about how to move a piano. Different types of moving devices handle differently sized instruments, and it can be hard to predict how the instrument will handle in a particular move. Do your research ahead of time and know the exact weight and size of the instrument before you make any firm decisions on how to move it.

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There are many different ways how to move a piano, and you’ll want to spend some time thinking about each way before making a final decision. Of course, the pros do it every day, so there’s no need to hesitate when you’re faced with the question of how to move a piano. Professional piano movers will have a wide range of options open to them, and it might take some time to narrow down the possibilities. They are experienced in all sorts of piano moving situations, so they’ll have a very good idea what to do to help your precious instrument safely and securely get from point A to point B. You can also ask other piano owners for advice about how to move a piano, or go online to various message boards and forums about the subject.

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If you’re simply moving your piano from one room to another, you should be aware of just how much damage the average piano can take during a move. pianos are built sturdy instruments, but they are also made of wood, and when you put your hand on it and lean over it can feel like there’s something wrong. However, most pianos can withstand quite a bit of damage, but knowing how to protect your piano minimizes damage to both your possessions and your floors.

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Extremely hard water and high humidity can lead to damaged fittings, pipes, hinges and other things in your piano, as well as destroying your instrument if not moved properly. Extreme heat or cold can also lead to damage, so you need to plan your move carefully if you’re living in a climate-controlled environment. Most large pianos can withstand high Elmoratures for a long time with no problems, but smaller instruments such as cellos might have to be moved outdoors at night and during the day when the Elmorature is cold. Be aware that humid environments can cause wax to build up on the keys, which will eventually damage them.

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Moisture is another big problem when moving pianos, so if your instrument is situated near a shower or another source of moisture, you should probably wrap it in a plastic bag and bring it inside when you leave the new location. Even if you don’t mind paying an extra fee for professional mopping services, having your instrument moved on your own makes a lot of sense. The pros can save you time and money by doing the job right the first time, while the cons will have to bear with a wet instrument for a few days or even weeks. Either way, though, hiring professionals to move your piano is a great investment that prevents further damage to your instrument, floor, and furniture.