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Double Oak Pool Table Moving

Moving your pool table into and out of storage is not a terribly difficult task. In fact, with a bit of know-how and some help from friends or family, you can move one yourself. Most pool tables are fairly easy to transport, especially if you transport them in the trunk of a car or take them with you to a moving company. However, when it comes to a large sports table, like a pool table designed for competitive pool play, it may be a bit more difficult. Although moving frequently can be quite tiring, at least it’s an exercise in your own creativity.

To begin the pool table moving process, the first thing you need to do is find out if your pool table is equipped with straps that anchor the base to the floor. Some brands do, others don’t, so make sure yours is equipped with this important safety precaution. The reason for this is to prevent the table from tipping over backwards, which would be very dangerous for anyone who was not using the table properly. Regardless, if your pool table is equipped with straps, just make sure they are strong enough to withstand your moving.

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If the base of your pool table is not equipped with trampoline wheels, or if you have no idea how to move one on your own, there are professionals that can take care of this difficult task for you. These professionals are trained to disassemble large pool tables and then put them together again, using their own equipment. This is much faster and easier than trying to move one by yourself, and also less stressful for you. But if your pool table is already disassembled, and you do not want to pay professionals to do this difficult task, here is what you can do.

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You will need to find a professional moving company in your area that specializes in moving pool tables. There are moving companies that are more experienced than others, but it is always better to try before you buy. If possible, try to locate some recommendations from friends and family who had used these same professionals in the past. It is important to know how they performed the move so that you can judge how hard the job will be. Professionals may charge more than friends and family who plan to do the move themselves, but it will be worth the extra money to get the job done right.

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The next step in finding reliable movers is to check out your yellow pages and call several of the moving companies you were referred to in the phone book. Ask if they have any special deals or if they will be bringing a truck in. If you are paying by the hour, or by the mile, make sure you understand how many hours these professionals are going to work for you. You should also ask about the price for the move and if they will provide a full detailed breakdown of all of their services. Some people like to know how long they will be out of their home and what to expect during that time.

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It is always recommended that you do not hire just anyone for pool table movers. You will want to make sure that the professionals you hire have been thoroughly checked out and are highly reputable. One way to do this is to ask friends and family if they have hired any moving services in the past. Word of mouth is often the best advertising method available. If a moving company has satisfied customers, they will be sure to tell you about it. Word of mouth is still the most effective advertising method today and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity.

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Another way to find a Ideal Moving & Storage company is by doing research online. There are many websites that can help you with your research process. Most of these websites will list all of the professional moving companies that they are associated with as well as any customer testimonials or feedback. These websites can help narrow down your search to one or two moving professionals that seem to have good recommendations from past customers. You can learn more about the moving professionals through their website and then decide if you want to hire them on your own or if you would rather utilize the recommendation of a friend.

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The last thing you want to remember when you hire a professional to relocate your pool tables is that they should be able to disassemble the tables for you. They should also be insured to insure against loss or damage while transporting the tables. Moving the tables can sometimes be risky so you want to ensure that the professionals you hire will take all precautions to protect your items during the move. If you would like to see pictures of previous jobs or videos of them disassembling the tables, you may email or call the moving company and ask for these things. Pool table moving professionals should be more than willing to provide these items to help ensure your satisfaction with their services.