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Thinking of doing some piano moving? It’s easy! Piano moving can conjure up pictures of large men with huge torsos and huge arms, but in reality only two people of average physical build can accomplish most piano moving tasks, even though they’ve got some big brains, enough experience, the proper equipment, and a little know-how of when and where to use a bit of force. In fact, it’s usually pretty much impossible for two people to move an upright piano (unless they’re moving the big bass drum part), so trust your local piano movers to do the job right. Here’s what you need to know about moving your piano around the country.

Make a Plan – The first thing you’ll need to do is make a plan of how you want to move your piano, not just the location. Whether you are moving it a few states away, across the country, or several time zones, knowing in advance how you’re going to do it will help you prevent problems later on. Local movers can usually give you an accurate quote for moving household goods long distance. Just keep in mind that the actual weight of your piano might vary depending on how you are moving it, as well as how many things are in the household. If you’re unsure about how much weight your piano will be, call your local movers, as they can give you a good estimate based on the size, shape, and how heavy your pieces are.

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Insurance Coverage – Most piano movers will carry insurance coverage for damage, theft, and liability, which means that if there is an accident while moving your piano, then the mover is covered. Depending on your insurance coverage and your local laws, some mover companies don’t carry some of these protections, so ask up front if your insurance provider does or doesn’t cover moving your piano. It’s important to remember that pianos are very expensive, both in terms of the cost of the actual instrument and the cost of the insurance it costs to replace it in the case of damage. Be sure you’re completely covered.

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Choose A Well respected Company – There are a lot of moving companies out there, but only a few are trustworthy. Moving a grand piano is very complicated, as its weight and dimensions are difficult to transport, and most piano movers are highly trained specialists. Choose a company that has a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. Ask friends and family if they have used movers, and ask for referrals from real clients. Moving a piano around town is different than moving a smaller piano, as they are usually lighter and more delicate.

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Move Your Furniture Carefully – Since moving pianos is somewhat complex, only the most experienced moving professionals should attempt it. Make sure your furniture is packed away correctly, including any fragile and expensive furnishings such as upholstered furniture or leather sofas. The area that your furniture will be moved to should be marked on your moving day schedule, and movers should know the rooms that need to be empty while your furniture is being moved. Long-distance movers should have you sign a contract stating that you will be given specific instructions regarding the care of your belongings during the move.

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Move Your Upright Piano Vertically – If you have an upright piano, it is much easier to move, so long as the movers have the proper equipment. Even upright models can roll (some models do not), so make sure that your mover has a trailer that can be pulled behind an appropriate truck. Most upright pianos are easily moved using a standard dolly. You should be given specific instructions about how to lift and move the upper frame, as well as instructions for rolling the lower frame, which may require another vehicle.

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Move Your Crate Piano Using Specific Methods and Equipment – There are some methods to move your piano that use special gear or even gear that is not available in standard move-in vehicles. Some mover companies offer mobile crate trailers that they rent to businesses. These can fit a variety of different sized pianos or drums and provide a way to transport your instrument to your new home without too much trouble or expense. In some cases, regulating the air pressure in a moving crate can prevent damage to your instrument. Another benefit of using a crate is that movers can wrap the instrument in a blanket and tape it up, as well as insulating the drum and creating an additional barrier to heat and cold. Licensed movers who are registered and have their equipment inspected by governing boards are often the best choice for this type of moving.

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If you have your own piano, or if you are thinking about having one transported from place to place, contact several local movers immediately. They can help you decide how to best move your piano, whether by weight, method, or all three. They can help you choose Ideal Moving & Storage for your needs and can also assist with any local requirements that may be required when it comes to obtaining your instrument insured and meeting local laws and regulations.