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Moving the piano is one of the most strenuous tasks that a person can undertake. Pianos are large, heavy pieces of expensive furniture and are usually very difficult and time consuming to move. For those who are considering moving their pianos on their own it is advisable to do some research and find local piano movers to do the job for them.

Local movers will provide the best service possible. They know the area very well and they know the best ways to move pianos. They will be experienced and know how to lift the instrument safely as well as how to fit it into the vehicle. Knowing how to move a piano is important if you are moving it long distances.

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When choosing a local piano mover, make sure that they have experience with upright pianos. Upright pianos tend to be more delicate and can be damaged more easily than other instruments. The weight of the instrument can also cause it to become damaged if the proper steps are not followed. Other common damages include hammering or nicking the instrument.

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Upright pianos are heavy and large, so they require special crating procedures. They must be crated properly so that the moving vehicle can handle the weight. This applies not only to long distance piano moving but also to short distance moving as well. The crating process can be accomplished by using a forklift or by utilizing a forklift trailer.

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Knowing how to move a piano can be important when it comes to long distance movers. Many people hire local movers when they are moving long distances and the local movers are used to the type of instrument that the home owner has. However, if the piano moving company does not own any instruments they may not know how to move it safely. The best way to make sure your instrument is moved safely is to have them give you a quote before they do the actual move.

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When it comes to moving pianos there are a number of things to consider. First, most pianos will weigh quite a bit. They may weigh more than ten or twenty pounds, which makes them difficult to move and extremely heavy to load in a vehicle. An upright piano that weighs more than twenty pounds will need to be handled by a truck or van that is specifically designed for moving grand pianos.

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If a piano is larger and heavier the person doing the piano moving may need additional equipment to help them with the move. A dolly can slip underneath a grand piano and will lift it off the floor. This allows the dolly to slide along the floor until the dolly is able to safely get off the ground. Equipment such as this can be very expensive and not all movers will have the access to provide such equipment.

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Another important piece of equipment for piano moving is a skid board. Skid boards can be slid under and behind pianos making the process much easier. Piano skid boards can be purchased at a local moving supply store, or they can also be found online. Piano skid boards are not as strong as the plywood that is used to support the weight of a full size upright piano, but they do provide a safe way for movers to move the instrument safely.