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Mattress moving is something that every house or apartment dweller knows how to do, but there are few of us who actually know how to move a mattress. A mattress bag is just one that stands solid to its name. It’s a large, wide plastic bag tied around your mattress to securely pack your mattress into. If this is the first time experiencing the word mattress moving bag, you must know that mattress moving bags come in several sizes, plastic, and are made to safely accommodate most sizes of mattresses; such as twin, full, king, queen and a Texas king-sized mattress. This article will teach how to move a mattress, and if you’re wondering how to move a mattress the right way, here are some tips to help you out:

Before mattress moving, remove any packing peanuts or blankets that you may have placed around your mattress when unpacking during your move. The old mattress must be completely empty before placing the new mattress on top of it. The reason for this step is to ensure that there are absolutely no springs or metal bits or places that can be harmful to the new mattress. Also, remove any of the padding that may be on the bottom of your mattress; some of this padding can be used later on.

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Many movers will utilize a dolly to lift the mattress. These devices are sometimes referred to as “moving dollies,” “bed lifts” or simply “movers.” A mattress lift resembles a large flat bed with arms and a platform at the end that the mattress can be lifted off of. This type of moving method is only recommended for small mattresses or extremely light loads. This method is not recommended for extremely heavy loads or extremely old or worn down mattresses.

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When preparing for your mattress moving house, you should already have the new mattress ready to go. Movers will typically prep the mattresses by cleaning them and smoothing out any wrinkles, cracks or sharp edges. Once clean and ready, the movers will then cut the mattress into sections and transport it in large trucks or on flatbed trailers. The mattress will then be disassembled and any hardware or straps that are needed to secure the mattress will be removed.

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After your mattress has been moved from its original location to your new relocation spot, you will likely need to get the truck that will transport it to your new destination. Your move will likely occur during the late part of the day, or early afternoon, depending on the weather and the time of year. For mattress moving companies, this can often be when the weather is at its coldest, so it is important to have a rental truck that can move your belongings quickly and easily in these conditions.

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If you rent, you may be able to rent some kind of plastic mattress cover that you can carry and use to protect your mattress during transport. Tarpaulins, tarps, and plastic sheets are also popular options for transporting mattresses in trucks. You can either rent them or buy mattress bags that you can carry and store them in your truck or storage area. Plastic sheets and tarpaulins are especially useful if you are relocating to a colder area or if the Dallasrature in your new home is lower than the Dallasrature where you currently live.

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In addition to using a mattress cover or two, you will also need to make sure that your mattress is protected from moisture and any spills that might occur while you are on the move. A small tarp or a plastic sheet can be placed over the mattress before you put it in the truck for the trip to make sure that it stays protected from moisture. After your move, you will likely be taking along some cardboard boxes to stack on top of your mattress as well to help protect it from any spills that might happen during the move. Just be sure to lift the box and fold it up so that it does not roll off during transportation.

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A third option for protecting your mattress while you move a mattress is to use some type of tape to help keep it in place. You can buy some heavy duty tape for this purpose or make your own by cutting a long piece of tape that is three inches wider than the mattress it is protecting. The tape can be rolled to fit inside the mattress and secured with staples or other forms of tape. Be sure to wrap the tape around the entire surface of the mattress to ensure that it stays in place.