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What do Mattress Moving Trucks and Movers have in common? Well, for starters, they’re both extremely helpful in moving your mattress. But they’re also quite different, so let’s see what each has to offer.

A mattress bag is just one that really stands up to its name. It’s usually a heavy-duty vinyl padded bag with straps to securely hang on top of your mattress. When this is your first encounter with the term “moving bag,” you must know that mattress bags are often designed to accommodate not just all mattresses; however, even twin, full, queen and king size mattresses can fit into them.

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They’re packed with everything needed to move your mattresses, including: pillows, sheets and blankets, straps and hardware. But there’s more. Mattresses in truck beds or moving vans are enclosed with sheets and blankets and possibly a bed sheet too. This way you won’t be disturbed when unpacking your new house, or when unpacking your new mattress. Mattresses protected by moving truck beds or vans are ready to go as soon as you arrive at your new destination.

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Movers have the benefit of not only packing your mattress but your other furniture as well. That means you won’t need to be concerned with putting those moving boxes safely away before loading your mattresses on the moving trucks. Movers have a special toolbox for carrying most household items and they make sure that each piece is securely fastened. This way you’re free to get started unpacking your mattress as soon as you’re at your new home, just like you left it.

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The professional movers will use heavy duty dollies that can handle a wide range of weights. In addition, the dollies will help protect the mattress from scratches, dents and movement during the move. In fact, moving truck bed movers recommend that mattresses are moved on a flat surface, rather than sloping to one side. This ensures that the mattress doesn’t shift to one side while the movers maneuver the moving truck.

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It is important to note that mattresses should never be put on low risers or low beds while the movers are loading or unloading the truck. This can cause damage to the mattress, as well as to yourself if you are unable to keep your balance. By following these recommendations you can move a mattress easily, ensuring that you and your family can get settled into your new home without any worries.

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As with any moving project, using the right tools can make the job go faster. When renting a moving van, ask if the movers use heavy duty bedding and moving supplies so that you can move your bed with comfort and safety. Moving trucks typically have bumpers to lift the mattress from the floor, but they may not have enough support for the mattress itself, so you should plan to add extra mattress to the top of your bed while moving it.

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Additional mattress toppers can be used to rest the old mattress on, to ensure that it is properly supported when the movers move the mattress into the truck. You may also need additional pillows to position the mattress on all four sides. Additional pillows can be obtained for very little money, or you could make your own pillows out of old blankets and clothing. With the assistance of your moving supply company, you can remove the mattress from its original box springs and straps. After that, all that remains is to strap the mattress down, secure the straps and put the mattress in the moving truck.