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Cross Timber Refrigerator Moving

Moving a refrigerator is quite a tricky task but it is not impossible if you know how to move a refrigerator right. Yes, it is possible to do it yourself but then it will require lots of work and waste of time. You need not be an expert in moving refrigerator because there are many ways on how to move a refrigerator safely and efficiently. Here are some of the simple steps that will guide you on how to move a refrigerator.

The first step on how to move a refrigerator is to turn off the power to the appliance. This is important so that nothing will interfere with the moving process. Then, unplug it from the main.

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In this next step, you will need to mark the spot where you will move the refrigerator. It is important to mark the spot so that you will know exactly how to pack it once the movers have arrived. Refrigerator moving companies come with refrigeration moving equipment that makes it easy for the consumer. However, you still need to mark the place so that you can locate the unit easily during packing. Just make sure that all the necessary things are packed inside the unit before you start moving.

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Once everything has been marked, call the moving company that you have chosen. They will come to you. At this point, you can already start unpacking and setting up the appliances that will go inside. It will help if you label too so that the movers will know what items should go where.

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Refrigerator Moving Step 3: The third step is to set up the appliances. The way how to move a refrigerator should begin with the cooling system. You will need the air conditioner or the heat pump in order to circulate the cool air inside the appliance.

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Once that is done, you can proceed to set the shelves on either side of the appliance dolly. Refrigerator moving experts recommend that you do not stack them on top of one another since they could damage the unit. The dolly will also be helpful in moving the bridge up and down. Just make sure that the dolly will not tip over and get damaged.

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In the next step, you have to pack away all your clothes, kitchenware, linens and other fragile items. You should only leave these behind for use during the moving days when the movers can help you. Label too so that the movers can refer to them during unpacking. Leaving behind items like dishes, silverware and cups can cost you more money than they are worth. A professional moving company will not be burdened with this job of packing because they are expert packers.

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Then you should check if your refrigerator has received any servicing and cleaning. This will definitely increase the moving company’s fees. It is not wise to totally disregard the condition of your refrigerator since it could affect the food present in it. If you are not sure, ask the moving company about its condition. They should be able to advice you on how to move a refrigerator.