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Movers and Packers are an internationally recognized moving company. “Home moving is a rapidly growing industry providing an experienced, professional team of movers to accommodate your moving needs. We take extreme care in moving your family or business from one place to another, ensuring the move is made smoothly and efficiently. We ensure the smooth transition by providing several options for packing and moving services to suit your individual needs. From our experienced movers in Cross Timber, to our movers across the country, we take pride in moving your family or business quickly and making the transfer stress free.

“We love helping people move – whether they’re large or small. We have experts in our nationwide network of movers and Packers that are preparing to assist anyone who calls or emails with a moving plan that is designed around their unique moving needs.” The Experts at Movers and Packers are committed to helping people in and around the tri-state area with their moving needs. “No matter what the size of the move, from a small apartment to a large warehouse, our movers can accommodate you, moving on a schedule, from our main office in Cross Timber, TX to an office that suits you in another city. With heavy lifting, packing supplies and specialized equipment, our movers and Packers can help make any move easy and stress free.”

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“When people move, they want to simplify their life and reduce stress. Experienced movers can help you achieve this, whether it’s moving day or 3 months later. A move is a big investment, whether it is a long distance move or just a few items. It can be very overwhelming to think about all the moving items that need to be moved. An experienced moving company will have tools for you to use, from packing supplies to moving estimates. They can help make moving easier on you, while giving you peace of mind knowing your items are being moved safely and securely.”

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Professional movers and Packers have a range of moving supplies for all your moving needs. From heavy duty moving boxes, tape, rope, dollies and pallets, moving boxes come in various sizes and shapes. Heavy tape makes moving boxes last longer. With new technology in moving boxes, the quality of moving tape has been improved so boxes can withstand extreme Cross Timberrature changes, even when stacked directly on a floor. Movers and Packers will always have fresh boxes on hand to replace old boxes.

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One of the top tips from Movers and Packers is to plan your move properly and early. Planning is very important to pack your things safely and securely. Always remember to ask, or read the fine print, on moving supplies before purchasing anything. Moving boxes, tape, ladders, scaffolding, and more moving supplies are available at moving supply stores. Movers and Packers can also help with other types of moving projects such as home repairs, apartment moves, and short-term moves.

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If there are valuable items that are not being moved immediately, Movers and Packers can offer overnight service. They will call or visit you to evaluate the load, pack it safely, transport it to your new destination, unpack it, and then re-store it. It will cost by the day or by the week depending on the amount of items being moved. Professional packers will use state of the art moving equipment to pack your belongings and take them where they need to be.

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If you have a long distance moving experience, Movers and Packers are experts at long distance moving experience. They have many moving trucks they can rent for the job and most movers arrive at your residence in advance to get measurements. You will also be given a packing list to follow and an informational package. The most valuable items will be placed in the highest location possible. Other items will be put in medium locations and easily accessible locations.

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Professional movers charge by the hour. If you do not have an unlimited budget, Movers and Packers can provide you with various moving packages that include only those items that must be moved on the moving day. Some items can be packed and saved until the movers arrive and others may have to be removed from your home during the move. Packaging and moving supplies are available at an hourly rate if you need it. The majority of movers and Packers charge per truck, per load, or based on the number of hours.