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Moving a hot tub is always exciting and a very complex process. The moment you have completed the planning and arrangements for the move, you realize that the fun and excitement of finally getting your hot tub out of its storage space has started to wear off. Now you need to think of a way to protect it from the harsh weather conditions during the moving process. Also you need to think of a way to move it safely and securely and then get it installed in its new location. If you are not well versed with moving stuff on a low profile foundation, then the whole process will be a difficult one. This article outlines some of the most common moving mistakes that people commit when they attempt to move their hot tub on their own.

Hiring Professional Movers Hot tubs are very heavy and need to be carefully moved. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before hiring professional moving companies. First off the professional movers will have all the required equipment to make the job done properly. They will use dollies, hoses, ramps and lifts to carry the hot tubs to the correct location. Most professional moving companies are also insured so in case anything untoward happens on the job you are covered. All in all moving companies charge by the hour and do the best job possible.

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Trying To Do It Yourself Hot tubs can be difficult to lift and move. Many people may try to lift the spa on their own but if they are not well versed with lifting heavy objects then doing the job yourself is the best way to go. The main problem with trying to move a spa this way is damage to the spa components due to water resistance. Professionals using moving equipment have dollies, a ramp and lift chairs that can help ease the stress of the task. If you are considering a do it yourself move then spend some time looking at pictures of moving equipment that will give you a better idea of how it is done. You should also be sure you have all the necessary equipment before attempting to move the spa.

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Hiring A Moving Company Not everyone has access to the tools needed to move hot tubs. This is why hiring a moving company makes the most sense. Moving companies have the proper equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. They are also insured so in case anything untoward happens on the move you are covered.

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Budget Before any major or minor changes are made on the relocation plan it is important to first put a budget in place. How much are you willing to pay for the entire move? It is best to figure out the total cost months in advance so that no Cross Timbers are thrown your way during the move. The price of hot tub moving services will vary depending on the company you choose. Most offer a variety of pricing options. Find the best combination of cost and services that you feel comfortable with.

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Location Before anything else, find an appropriate place to move the spa. Ideally you would want to move it outdoors but if that isn’t possible, indoor movers will work for the majority of the job. There are many things to consider before selecting Ideal Moving & Storages for your hot tub moving needs. Make sure you do your research to select the most professional and experienced moving company.

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How To Move A Hot Tub Without Any Safety Precautions: The first step in how to move a hot tub without any safety precautions involves making sure there are no dangerous objects or materials on the floor that could be potentially dangerous when swallowed. For example, a piece of wood that is used to support a spa may be made of flammable material. In order to reduce the risk of poisoning or inhalation, it is crucial to remove the wood and any objects from around the spa. Special care must be taken when moving large or heavy items, so always consult the moving company about safety measures when moving smaller or lighter objects.

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Furniture Dollies: As a second step, most movers will suggest that you purchase furniture dollies for the move. Furniture dollies are special pieces of dolly that can be placed underneath stacks of furniture so that they don’t become damaged during movement. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Check with local hot tub and furniture store owners about purchasing furniture dollies for your hot tub move.