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If you have just come from another city or state, you are likely to need moving and storage. Movers can help with moving and storage for a number of reasons. You may be moving across the country, or you may be relocating within your current city. Either way, you need a Ideal Moving & Storage company to make the move for you. When it comes to moving and storage, moving companies have some important advice and suggestions for you to take into consideration before you make any final decisions. They will help you save time, energy and money!

Many people don’t realize that many moving companies store their own stock in temporary storage buildings when they move. This is usually for the duration of their move. It is important to know that the moving company you choose will store your belongings safely and securely until you have reached your new home. Here are a few moving tips and suggestions from moving companies.

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Store Your Stuff: Some moving companies will advise you to store your stuff at their own facility during the move. This can often provide a safer solution than using storage areas at hotels, businesses and homes. If you decide to store your items at a moving company’s facility, you will want to do your homework to make sure they have the highest security measures. You may also want to check their fire safety records and how secure their equipment is. You should also ask if they will be storing your items securely such as in a climate controlled environment. Movers that offer extra security are more likely to provide a safe and secure storage facility for your items.

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Provide Insurance: Moving companies can help you by providing coverage for your moving boxes, furniture and appliances. Most will offer this service free of charge. However, some moving companies may require you to purchase insurance for your moving goods.

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Decide On A Storage Location: Before the moving day arrives, you should already decide on a location for your moving and storage. Many movers offer a garage in a local area or a moving storage facility close to you. Others offer their own lockable facility in multiple locations throughout the country. It’s important to make sure you’ll be able to secure your belongings when you’re gone.

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Arrange With Other Moving Companies: Many moving companies offer a wide range of moving services including moving and storage. If you have a family and children to transport, arrange with other moving companies to ensure they are transporting your possessions in a safe manner. In addition, don’t forget to contact your insurance provider to make sure your belongings will be covered in the event of any unforeseen accidents or damages. If you’re moving company uses trucks, double check to ensure they are properly insured.

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Rent/Debit: If you will be moving out of state or into a new home within the next few months, contact your moving company about renting a storage space. Many moving companies rent out space for corporate moves and other large events. Contacting your moving company ahead of time about this option may also get them to come pick up your things for the move. You can also let them know about any special instructions you may need to make before and after the move.

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Stockpiling Your Boxes: If you aren’t using your moving storage or moving company’s warehouse, stockpiling your boxes is a great way to ensure that everything will fit in your new home. Storing boxes in plain site or on the side of the road is not recommended because you never know when your stuff could become damaged or stolen. By storing your boxes in sturdy containers, you’re better off protecting your most valuable items and keeping them from becoming lost or damaged. If you do use a moving storage, always call and ask about a box placement policy before packing your boxes for storage.