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Refrigerator moving is one of the most chCopper Canyonging moving jobs for household movers. It involves several stages, starting from preparing and packing the fridge to transportation. While moving a refrigerator is not as big a job as moving a bed or even a porch, it is no less stressful. The refrigerator is a very important appliance and if it’s damaged or breaks during the move, you have to consider how to move a refrigerator with the help of a professional. In order to make the whole moving process easy and stress free, we have come up with a moving checklist for you to follow.

When it comes to refrigerator moving, you need to pay attention to several factors so that the process goes smoothly. For instance, the moving truck must be provided by a professional company and it should be equipped with the required tools for moving the fridge. If the company is providing the moving truck, they must be licensed and insured. Also, if you have opted for self-moving, you must know how to unload the refrigerator, remove the shelves and put them back, according to the directions of the manufacturer.

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Before beginning the moving process, ensure that all the shelves are unbroken so that you can easily lift them. This is an extremely important step. Without ensuring that all shelves are intact, you may encounter trouble in putting the fridge back after the movers have vacated it. A professional company would use high quality dollies and cradles to lift the refrigerator.

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Once you get your hands on the dollies and cradles, it is time to prepare the moving checklist so that you can easily move the fridge in an organized manner. There are certain steps that must be followed in an organised manner so that the relocation goes on smoothly. For instance, the refrigerator moving checklist asks you to firstly empty the contents of the fridge, including all its doors and drawers, and then place these items on a separate table and remove any wrapping paper from them. After doing so, you should place the container on a table and label it properly so that you would know what things need to be carted off along with the refrigerator. Then, it is time to remove the old kitchen appliances like stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers and put them at one side of the truck or storage area of your new home.

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The next step on the moving checklist is answering questions relating to the safety and security of the appliances. This section of the checklist explains to you how to move a refrigerator safely inside the house. As you know, the kitchen appliance dolly comes into play here. Ask the moving experts to strap the dolly to a sturdy shelf or a strong box so that nothing gets thrown out or damaged while carrying it. Also, ask your helpers to not go near the blades of the appliance so that there is no possibility of getting their fingers burnt.

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If the movers use the safety strap attached to the appliance dolly, there are chances that you could be watching them move the dolly while they are lifting it up and down. The experts advise that you use duct tape over the straps so that they cannot be torn off during the relocation process. If you are worried about your home contents, there are certain ways how to move a refrigerator safely inside your house. First of all, request the moving professionals to seal up the space where you want to move the refrigerator and take photographs of the same.

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Once you get over this stage, get the items that need to be moved inside the fridge. Ask the moving experts to use heavy-duty plastic bags and wrap them around the frozen goods to ensure that they do not collapse. Once all the food items have been wrapped, fill the ice cube trays with the baking soda so that it does not melt when you try to defrost the fridge door. Now, position the bags over the refrigerator door and position the freezer inside the refrigerator door.

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Next, position the upright freezer on the top of the upright compressor. Position the other appliances that you want to move along the wall behind the upright freezer. Turn on the thermostat to the desired level and plug in the power cord. You have successfully completed the task of moving your refrigerators!