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Moving a mattress is not something most people would like to have to do. Usually, the last thing to consider before moving a mattress is packing, the heavy mattress must be dismantled, wrapped, and put in a moving truck. But moving a mattress into your brand new house does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. There are companies that specialize in moving mattresses. Here, we discuss how to move a mattress the right way and tips for making the process easy and fast.

Before starting, be sure to move a mattress on level ground. The bed will need to be moved on a level surface without any obstacles. This includes stairs, a ramp, or steps leading to a second story. You want to protect the mattress from potential damage. If you are moving an old mattress, you will want to check under it to see if there are any dangerous casters that may break the fragile bed down.

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The next step in mattress moving is wrapping the entire mattress in plastic sheeting. The plastic should extend several inches beyond the edges of the mattress. Be sure to wrap the plastic completely around the mattress. The plastic wrapping could be secured with hooks or bungee cords.

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Once the plastic wrapping is in place, it is time to move a mattress. The mattress can be lifted off the ground by placing a dolly between the mattress and the moving truck. Have someone in the truck handle the dolly to ensure the mattress does not move while the truck is moving. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time pushing or pulling the mattress. Make sure all limbs of the mattress are free of twists, cracks, or any sharp edges so that your movers can not injure themselves.

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When the mattress is off the ground, you are ready for the next part of moving a mattress by yourself. You need to unpack the items in the moving truck. Unpack everything, including bedding. Movers can help you with this step.

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It is important that movers do a quick inspection of the moving truck and the items in it before loading up the mattress. Check the outlet points and verify if they are still in good shape. Some outlets can become bad quickly. Another important step before loading up is making sure the movers have secured all loose edges of the mattress. Loose edges could cause the mattress to slide unexpectedly on the truck. If any of these problems are found during the move, ask for assistance from another company.

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The third step is wrapping the mattress using tape. The purpose of wrapping is to protect it from sharp edges that may cut through the tape. A mattress moving company will have its own equipment to do this job. However, for safety purposes, it is wise to do the tape job by yourself. Begin by wrapping the entire mattress from baseboard to top. Then, attach the protective tape to the sides of the pickup truck and the mattress.

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Finally, secure the tape to the mattress using duct tape. This method will ensure the mattress is completely protected. Place the folded mattress inside the truck and tape securely. Then place it in the new location and your job is done.