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Moving a mattress is not like moving to any other kind of furniture, which is why it is important to use only the best mattress moving companies in your area. Mattresses are extremely heavy, they are awkward to lift, and they typically flop around like they are on a trampoline. But moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are relocating your mattress to a different house, you will probably want to load the mattress into a trucker’s bed or into a mattress moving truck, which you can usually get with the larger moving supplies.

The first step to take before moving your mattresses is to turn the power off, and unplug anything that needs to be powered up. You will need to move a mattress to another location, which means that it has to be turned down on the sleeping pad. This ensures that no electricity or gas is going to escape, and also that the bed isn’t going to tip over.

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The next step in how to move a mattress is to remove the old cover. Old mattresses have a plastic protective liner that can become very hard to remove. Mattress movers will have special tools that can remove this plastic layer, allowing you to slip the mattress into a special container that is designed to transport your mattress. The moving company will probably put down several large sheets of plywood, so that your mattress will be completely covered. Make sure that you lay all of your clothes on the plywood, too, to ensure that nothing can fall through the holes in the plywood.

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A mattress moving company will have truck mounted hydraulic winches that are designed to move mattresses. These powerful hydraulic winches can move a mattress nearly 20 times faster than any average moving truck would be able to. In fact, most professional moving companies would prefer to use these powerful hydraulic machines, instead of regular trucks, because they take up far less space. Hydraulic mattresses are much easier to transport than traditional mattresses, and the speed of the moving machine ensures that your mattress will arrive in the new location with absolutely no damage.

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After the mattress has been lifted into the truck, it will need to be disassembled. All of the pieces of the mattress will need to go in separate sections, and this process may require an organized team of people. One of the best advantages of using movers to move a mattress, is that all of the pieces can be disassembled at once. This makes the moving process a lot faster and smoother.

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The next part of how to move a mattress is to unpack everything back into the truck. Movers will use heavy-duty packing tape to keep everything in place, and the removal of the packing tape will require strong hands. Many movers specialize in mattress moving, so they know exactly what tools and supplies to use. You may only need a minimal amount of packing supplies for this move, or you may need a lot of supplies.

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Once all of the moving parts have been unloaded, the mattress will need to be set into the truck and then the straps will need to be fastened around the mattress. These straps will need to stay fastened for several reasons. First, the mattress will need to be held securely so that nothing can move around on it. Second, the straps will need to make sure that the entire mattress does not move during the move. This is to ensure that the old mattress does not break during the move.

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All of the equipment used to move a mattress, including the mattress, sheets, pillows and blankets, should be packed in a plastic bag. A moving van will have special boxes designed just for this purpose, but your ordinary box of the trash can will work. The plastic bagged packing material will help protect all of your fragile items from damage while they are transported to your new home. Mattress moving is often an enjoyable task when done properly, but it can also be a stressful time if you don’t follow the right steps.