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Celina Refrigerator Moving

Refrigerator Moving is a tough job. You have to make sure that the fridge is safely shifted from its original location to a safe place where it can be put on the same level as the other appliances. Refrigerators are heavy and hence it needs utmost care while moving. Here, Refrigerator Moving Checklist helps you to do the necessary moves smoothly without damaging the fridge.

The very first thing in refrigerator moving checklist is to mark off the area where you will move the fridge from the current floor location to the desired location. This can easily be done with the help of a tape measure. Mark off the spot where you would like the fridge to be placed and then remove it from its original place. Ensure that there is no damage on the walls of your old home before you start moving the appliance to the new home. Once this task is over, you need to unscrew all handles of the old fridge and then set the appliance on the ground.

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The next task in moving a refrigerator is to unscrew the bolts holding down the doors of the appliance on which you would like to place it. After removing all the screws, unscrew the door and remove the grill from its place. Next, you need to locate the electric cable of the old fridge and cut it. Now you can start by reconnecting all wires of the appliance to electric sockets. Connect the water supply and the fuel supply and after completing this step take off the drain plug of the fridge and place it on the ground. Now you can start pulling it towards the new location.

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While moving an appliance with the help of an assistant, it is always better to use dollies. A dolly comes handy in holding the appliance while moving and facilitates easy movement inside the house. But an ordinary broom and hot brush are not used for dolly movements. So, if you are asking how to move a refrigerator with the help of helpers, then you should follow some specific steps. For example:

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If you have already purchased a refrigerator, then it will come with a removable or self-moving compressor. To remove this compressor from its place, you should first disconnect the water line and drain the water from the inside of the fridge. Then, using an appropriate wrench, remove nuts and bolts holding down the compressor. You will find two or three screws on either sides of the compressor housing; turn them in clockwise direction to loosen them.

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Once the compressor is loose, remove it from its place and set it aside. Now you can move the refrigerator by lifting it up with your hands. However, it is important that movers use heavy duty moving equipment when lifting the refrigerator to prevent any damages to the internal parts. The movers will use packing straps to hold it in place while moving. Make sure that the packing straps are secured to the wall and that they are properly attached to prevent the moving boxes from shaking each other as they move.

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Now, you can pack the refrigerator according to the space available. You can set one or two hours for the packing process because a refrigerator moving takes more time than the usual. The moving box should be placed on top of the moving refrigerator to make it easy to slide inside it. Refrigerator moving or defrosting usually takes at least two hours, depending on the size. After all the moving has been done, the Celinarature inside the refrigerator will go down to about forty-five degrees and the defrosting will begin.

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Refrigerator moving is quite tricky job. There are certain guidelines that must be followed. If you want to save some money, it would be better to let movers do the job of moving the appliances rather than hiring professionals. This way, you can avoid property damage.