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Unless you’re an expert mover, you probably have had a hard time figuring out just how to move heavy furniture. Moving heavy furniture loaded down with boxes can do some serious damage to your joints and back. You also might risk permanently damaging the furniture that you’re trying to move if you don’t use the proper equipment to make the move. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on moving heavy furniture safely. Let’s hope you have fun doing it!

Heavy Furniture – If you’re dealing with just a few heavy boxes, a simple pack and carry strategy should work just fine. You might also want to consider calling in the experts. Call your local movers and ask them to come out to your home and take a look. They’ll be able to give you a quote and tell you what you can expect once they get to your new home. Make sure that you ask them about getting a free quote so that you can compare prices of moving companies and see who offers the best deal around.

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Stairs Are a Big Problem – One of the worst parts of moving furniture is climbing up and down those steep stairs. However, if you use stairlift equipment or even portable stairs sliders, you can alleviate that problem. Stairlifts lift you up and out of the staircase and stairlifts can also hold large pieces of furniture that you’d have to try and move on your own. Portable stairlifts are especially handy for people who are in wheelchairs or who have problems climbing stairs.

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Moving Heavy Furniture Alone – Try using trolleys if you have to move heavy furniture alone in a new home. Trolleys are comfortable and help protect you from injuries. They also come with safety features like cranes and guards that help keep you from being injured if something looks bad. If you do not have trolleys, go ahead and get help from at least two other people so that you know you’re safe.

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Lifting Heavy Furniture – Most local moving companies will suggest lifting the large furniture items first. Even if it’s all in one piece, you need to lift it all the way. Then, move it sideways using the wall anchors that most local moving companies supply. This ensures that the whole load is evenly distributed and that there won’t be any damaging issues like the ceiling coming down on you.

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Getting Help When You Need It – Many people think they can just put their heavy furniture up on the truck and hit the road. Don’t do it! There are many laws that you need to follow and if you don’t get help when you really need it, you could end up paying heavily in lawsuits. If you use the proper moving truck for your heavy furniture items, you can protect yourself without getting a ticket or hurting someone else. Ask questions about what you need to do to load the truck, and what you need to do to get the truck into the new home. If you do nothing, you run the risk of causing damage that will cost you time and money.

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Moving Heavy Furniture on a Dolly – Some trucks are made specifically for moving large furniture on a dolly. Others are just dollies with no special features. If you want to move the heavy furniture on your own, make sure to buy dolly legs for it. Self storage has good dolly legs for just about every style of dolly on the market. They’re also pretty inexpensive.

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Move Furniture Pads – Moving large pieces of furniture can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Many people will try to tackle a big move on their own, but only get injured in the process. When you rent a truck or self storage, they will have special tools that they can use for this kind of move. The best part about these special furniture pads is that they make the task go by quickly and without any harm to you or the furniture.