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The choice of moving your piano is one of the most difficult. Local piano movers quote can be helpful in finding the best prices and the best service. They should also offer you professional services like packing, loading and transporting your piano, if needed. Long distance moving of your piano can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. If you are moving across the country or even the country trip, there are options.

How to move an acoustic piano across the country. There are various ways to move an acoustic piano across the country. Long distance piano movers provide professional moving and packing services. Local moving prices range from $100 to 400 for a simple 3-seater upright piano, and up to two or more pianos, depending on the size and the weight. Lightweight, portable, three-seater acoustic pianos will usually cost less than a full-sized piano or upright.

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If you are moving your it is always recommended that you hire professional movers. It is far better to hire professionals, as they know the proper procedure to transfer your piano from one place to another safely. They will ensure that they pack everything properly, and that they load and unload it safely. A local piano moving company is much safer than the piano movers that have been hired from the other side of the country.

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If your piano is large and unwieldy, you will want to transport it in a different vehicle than the one that will carry your other belongings, such as furniture. Make sure that the vehicle you rent has enough trunk space to accommodate your instrument properly. One way to help prevent damage due to hauling is to let the moving companies know where your piano is placed in the vehicle so they can use a dolly to move it.

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If your piano is not that large and bulky, you may be able to move it in a car with a flatbed. Carrying pianos is often not easy for people with disabilities or for those who have physical limitations. However, most upright pianos and grand pianos can be moved easily using a flatbed.

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If you are moving your it is always good to get quotes from several moving companies to see how much their moving cost would be. For small and light items, you will save a lot of money by using a moving company. It is also wise to do some research before hiring a mover, as they will give you helpful advice concerning your needs and the distance and size of the pieces that need to be moved. For heavy and bulky items, it is important to find out beforehand just how much moving cost will be. There is no room to make deductions when the movers are paid by the hour. Estimate the moving cost in total and include the cost of renting a truck, gas for the truck, and tolls.

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Another way of relocating pianos is to use moving blankets. These blankets are filled with Styrofoam or padding that is designed to conform to the dimensions of upright pianos. Moving blankets is more portable than a cart, which makes it easy to move the it in a variety of ways, including on a bed or up a set of stairs. It is also safer to use moving blankets than to use a cart, as the instrument is never actually put into the cart.

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Before starting the relocation process, you should test the instrument to ensure that it is safe to move, as even upright pianos are relatively heavy. If possible, have a professional evaluate the instrument before you start. They can recommend different methods of relocation depending on how big the instrument is and how it is situated. It is important to research methods of moving large and heavy upright pianos to prevent damage or injury to the instrument while it is being moved.