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Moving a hot tub can be a big job depending on how big it is as well as how heavy it is. If your hot tub is relatively light then it may be easier to move than one that’s extremely heavy and very hard to move. There are a few things to consider when trying to move a hot tub. If you don’t have experience doing this then it is wise to hire professionals. Here are a few tips on how to move a hot tub:

An average hot tub weighs about 900 pounds with water. When moving this large object, it goes without saying that you should plan on some serious heavy lifting. Moving a hot tub takes many strong, skilled men to lift the spa and even the hot tub itself and even dollies and moving truck to move the Jacuzzi into the moving truck.

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Make sure that the moving company or professional that will be working on your home spa has experience handling large objects. Many do it themselves amateur mistakes can result in a lot of damage not only to your spa but also your home. It is important to check to see if the company or individual has experience with moving this large appliance. If they have never handled hot tubs before then it is wise to ask for references or recommendations from friends, family or neighbors.

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When choosing a moving company, it is important to make sure you find someone who offers free quotes. You want to compare costs and services. Ask questions about what costs will be regarding insurance as well as their hourly rates. Many moving companies offer a fair and reasonable rate for moving services. Do not settle for the first quote that you are offered. Moving companies understand that the market is tough and are in business to make a living.

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If you are considering using a professional moving company to move your hot tub, consider asking them about any additional cost to move your hot tub. This could include; removing the old tub that may not be safe enough for the placement of the new tub. The professional hot tub moving company should advise you on the proper placement and size of the hot tub. This should help eliminate the concern of having your hot tub damaged for additional cost.

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If you live in the Cedar Hill area then there are several professionals who specialize in moving appliances such as, refrigerators, TVs, stereos, and so much more. A popular moving company in the Cedar Hill area is Texas Elite Moving. They offer both long distance and short distance service. They offer many types of moving services such as flat pack, truck mounted, Ideal Moving & Storage or hourly rates. The flat pack and truck mount types of moving services can be used in a variety of situations. For example, if a resident lives in an area that has harsh weather then the flat pack type of moving company can use special movers to move refrigerators, freezers, television’s and other large appliances safely from place to place.

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If you have a home that contains a swimming pool, it is important that you work with a local moving company. A reputable moving company can also provide services that include the lifting and placing of floating pool alarms. There are many safety measures that must be followed when installing an alarm system on your pool. A moving company will have the expertise to do the necessary installations for you.

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Hot tubs are wonderful additions to any home. They provide a relaxing environment for guests to stay in while you relax at home. Moving them requires expert movers who can carefully pack and transport your spa. Moving hot tubs requires careful planning to ensure that it goes with the rest of your belongings. Contact a local Texas moving company to learn more about how hot tubs are moved.