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Refrigerator moving is perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming part of appliance moving. Refrigerator moving must be done safely and accurately. There are many things to consider while moving a refrigerator, from selecting the best one for the job to preparing the appropriate moving checklist. Having a moving checklist helps you stay on target. Here are some guidelines on how to move a refrigerator.

Refrigerator moving starts with determining the number of appliances that have to be moved. The appliances can be separated according to their location in the house and their functions. The most common appliances to be moved are the fridge and freezer. Other refrigerators such as freezers and ice-makers should also be considered as well. It is better to consult your home’s owner’s manual for additional information.

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The first step is preparation. The movers must cut all the electrical cables and other loose fittings using sharp scissors and nails. After doing this, they must disassemble all components and lift them carefully. When all the parts are disassembled, the movers will need to secure all heavy items to a sturdy carton or a dolly to prevent movement during transportation. Then, it is time for the next step of how to move a refrigerator.

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The second step is preparing the place for moving the appliances. For example, the doors and all windows must be shut tightly to prevent any stray bits of paper, clothing, etc. from flying out during the move.

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The refrigerator’s cooling lines are the last thing to be attended to before the movers begin moving. If the heating and cooling mechanism of the refrigerator is not working properly, it will be necessary to repair it before moving it. The general procedure for repairing a malfunctioning cooling line is to replace the heating element and the dehumidifier in a separate location until the problem is fixed.

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The third step to move a refrigerator is checking the defrost cycle of the appliance. This is done by slowly releasing the defrost cycle so that the door opens and locks behind the moving appliance. The defrost cycle should be complete before starting the door open. Otherwise, it will be necessary to start the door open before the fridge has completely defrosted. If the fridge does not defrost, the refrigerator will need to be emptied of all contents to avoid spoiling food.

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The fourth step in how to move a refrigerator is securing the moving dolly to the appropriate corner. The dolly should be pushed into the center part of the refrigerator’s door. The dolly should be held securely with metal brackets and plastic tie-downs. The moving dolly should be turned slightly clockwise to begin moving the cabinet doors forward. At this point, the cabinet door should be partially open to allow movement of the fridge.

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The fifth and last step on how to move a refrigerator involves finding a good and safe place for the moving appliance. This can be done by using the wall between the fridge and ceiling or between the cabinet and wall. It may also be good to position the fridge so that the opening faces a window. In addition, you can also use utility straps to secure the appliance to the ground, if you think it is likely to tip. In addition, these tips cover the use of utility knives, pliers, duct tape, and other tools.