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Bristol Hot Tub Moving

Moving a hot tub can be a major or minor event depending on your circumstances and budget. Hot tub moving involves not only moving the spa to a new location but also packing it, unpacking it, re-uturing it, and making any repairs needed before you start moving it. Moving a hot tub requires the expertise and experience of licensed movers as well as an understanding of local regulations as some places require licensing fees to be paid in addition to the cost of moving the spa. The price of moving a hot tub from one location to another range from $200 to 400 dollars.

When considering the steps involved in lifting a hot tub from one location to the other, the first step is to locate the deck where the spa is to be placed. For decks that are not accessible by stairways, a longer drop of the deck is required for safe placement. Once the deck is located, a level surface must be prepared. This will require digging a hole of the same depth as the spa deck. The hot tub’s foundation will need to be lifted out of the ground, set on concrete, and then secured with rebar. Once this process is completed the rest of the process can begin.

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Most professional moving companies may include the removal of any electrical appliances such as televisions, stereos, computers, and more. Other personal belongings will need to be transported separately. All electrical outlets will need to be properly grounded prior to moving and any batteries should be properly secured. Many of the items that need to be moved will need to be disassembled, wrapped in blankets, and placed in wheeled containers. Professional movers can advise you of a more efficient way to pack and tie-up your belongings.

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Professional moving company professionals will also advise you on the best methods to pack your belongings for transportation. Some people simply don’t like the idea of using heavy, insulated boxes for fragile belongings. Other methods are far safer and better for packing, including foam peanuts or even bubble wrap. If the movers you hire will be providing unpacking services, they should provide literature on how to properly pack fragile items. Packing materials that are too weak can cause damage to your belongings.

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A wooden deck is the first step to take when learning how to move a hot tub. One option is to use heavy duty canvas decking, which is available at many local warehouses. These platforms can be dragged slowly and methodically across the lawn in order to remove it from its place. For those who have a large area to cover, this is often a convenient choice.

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The best way to learn how to move a hot tub is to speak to professional moving company specialists. These individuals have experience in this field and will guide you through the process in an easy manner. Even if you do not know the first step to take, they will be glad to explain it to you in detail.

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Moving hot tubs off-site is only one of the many important considerations involved with the job. There are several other items that require special tools and equipment. Onsite movers will make certain that your equipment is properly protected. Even the most competent moving companies will require certain equipment and protective gear.

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Moving a hot tub takes time and energy. It is not recommended to attempt this job without employing professional movers. Many dolly companies charge an hourly rate, and some require specialized equipment such as dollies, ramp or ladder, and state-of-the-art moving trucks with cutting-edge drive and special rollers for maneuvering large loads.