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Blue Ridge Hot Tub Moving

Hot tub moving is a tricky task. With the right supplies and the right timing it may be completed with relative ease. An average hot tub with no water usually weights around 900 pounds. When moving this large object, it goes without saying that you have to plan for some serious heavy lifting.

The first piece of equipment needed when moving a spa or hot tub is a spa dolly. Spa dollies are specifically designed to lift spa and hot tubs. They are strong enough to lift your spa and hot tub, but light enough so that the move is easy and safe. You will also need at least one person to assist in the move. A second person on the other hand would help lift the hot tub onto a trailer using the appropriate pole dollies.

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Once the spa and hot tub are on a trailer, the next piece of equipment needed when learning how to move a hot tub is a “hot tub Jacuzzi”. This piece of equipment is necessary because the Jacuzzi hot tub pump uses propane gas to move water and the vacuum design provides excellent suction. Without the pump the pressure of the water would create a vacuum that would cause the unit to break. A good Jacuzzi pump is a very important piece of equipment when learning how to move a hot tub.

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The third piece of equipment needed when learning how to move hot tubs is a dolly. It may sound simple but the dolly is used to dolly the spa and hot tub from one location to another. Hot tub dollies are available at just about any moving company. They are easy to use and once the job is done the moving company will haul the dolly away with the unit.

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Moving hot tubs by yourself may not be a simple task. There are many things to consider such as safety and cost. For those who may not have much experience with the job or do not want to hire a professional moving company, there are many do-it-yourself manuals on the internet. These manuals will usually include step-by-step instructions on how to move the spa and hot tub as well as suggestions on where to move them in order to avoid damage. This may seem like a simple idea but it is important to carefully read and follow all directions before attempting to move any machinery.

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Another option is hiring a professional moving company that has experience moving hot tubs. If cost is an issue, this is probably the best option. Moving companies often charge based on the square footage to be moved. Moving a spa or hot tub is not a simple project and is actually very dangerous if the move is not completed properly. Hiring a moving company is your best option for safely completing the task.

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If cost is still a factor and there is still no way to afford a professional moving service, finding a local moving company is an alternative. Movers in your area most likely have moving experience and will know how to move a hot tub or spa safely. However, moving companies also have their upsides as well. Some local movers offer services like removing personal belongings while others will even take care of the packing and storage for you.

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As you can see, it pays to research how to move a hot tub. A good guideline is to consult with a professional hot tub mover before making any major decisions. Moving a spa or hot tub is a major investment and should be handled by individuals who have experience moving the equipment. Before hiring any hot tub movers, be sure to research their history and ask friends and family if they have any recommendations.