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If you have just broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then the next logical step is moving and storage of all your stuff. Of course, this is probably not what you want to hear right now. But moving and storage is very common. Many people hire movers and storage companies when they are moving house or office. This might be your best option too.

How it Works. Unlike most moving companies, movers can move you pretty much in a week, maybe even a few more. And if you hire them for longer than a week, they charge extra for the service. You just need to provide them with your home inventory, your packing list, and tell them when you will be moving in. And then they will deliver your belongings to your new home. And you just need to load up your temporary storage box, unload it once, and then just take your portable storage container with you again, and store your stuff in the same place as you took it.

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It saves you both time and money. In order to relocate yourself, you really need to plan your move carefully. There are many factors to consider such as transportation cost, the size of the relocation, when to relocate, the destination, how to get started and where to start, how long to get started, etc. If you do not have someone helping you with the long distance moving plans, then you will have to take care of these things on your own. And this could be a bit tricky and stressful.

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If you want to save money, then there are various ways on how to store your belongings while moving. You can use moving storage services, storage lockers and storage containers or just store them in your home. But if you do not want to be separated from your loved ones, then you can just opt for self-storage.

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Self-storage or pods are the most popular ways of relocating yourself to your new home. These self-contained units are either secured with padlocks or you can rent padlocks with your movers so that they will be able to move into your container with ease. Most self-storage companies come with twenty-four hour security and monitoring. A key will be needed for the padlocks. The pod’s interior is equipped with multiple blanketed walls and ceiling for extra warmth inside the container. There are also doors that open on the sides or from the front.

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For people who do not have trucks, but would still like to have an on-site storage option, then you can rent a truck to store your belongings. There are two types of truck: full size trucks which accommodate twenty-four feet or longer; and split size trucks which can hold between thirteen and twenty-five foot loads. If you choose to rent a truck, you need to make sure that you provide your mover with all the information regarding the type of truck you want and the dates that the truck will be delivered to you. The company should be able to give you a quote as soon as possible once you have provided them with the information that they need.

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Self-moving and secure storage facilities have been made for people who find it hard to move because of one reason or another. They are perfect for people who experience hearing, vision or hearing impairment, senior citizens, people who experience arthritis and many other physical disabilities. Movers can help you save time by ensuring that your belongings reach their new homes safely. When you’re moving, you never know when someone might lose his or her belongings.

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You can also store your belongings for a long period of time using self moving and storage need help. You can find a great company nearby to help you to store your belongings for a long time without worrying about the place they will be kept. They offer various types of moving boxes to make the process of storing your things easier for you.