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Moving your refrigerator is very similar to moving your oven or freezer. There are several steps involved in both. If you do not have someone with you that is familiar with appliances, it is wise to invest in the services of a moving company. They will help you with the first step of moving your refrigerator and will provide you with the moving checklist so you don’t leave any important items behind.

Refrigerator Moving – Step One: Make sure the appliance is unplugged. You will also want to remove all of the accessories from the unit. You will need to do this step three times. Once you have all of the equipment removed and the appliance is drained, it’s ready for the next step of how to move a refrigerator. The third time around, you’ll need to make sure all of the things are plugged back in.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist – Step Two: Movers will have a checklist of all of the things they need to move your refrigerator. This is usually found on the refrigerator moving checklist. Professional movers will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re unsure about anything, ask your mover if they can help you find out more information.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist – Step Three: Once your movers have gone over everything and made a complete list, they will go over it again for mistakes and property damage. It is extremely important that everything goes as planned. If there are any problems that come up, your property damage insurance may cover some of it. Also, be prepared for additional costs because you will be responsible for your own gas and parking fees.

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How to Move a Refrigerator Properly: The most important thing to know when learning how to move a refrigerator is that it must be unplugged from the wall. Refrigerator moving must be done carefully, so that there will be no damage done to the appliances or electronics inside. The movers will need to move the refrigerator to a safe location, such as on a ladder or off the ground. The movers will strap down the moving arm with heavy tape, which will keep the refrigerator from moving while it is being moved.

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How to Pack Your Refrigerator Properly: After the movers have moved your refrigerator to the new location, they will need to pack it according to the packing procedure. They will use heavy duty plastic sheets and packing peanuts to ensure no dust will get into the appliance. To prevent expensive kitchen appliance parts from becoming damaged during the move, movers will also use protective blankets. Most moving companies use black garbage bags for this purpose.

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How to Remove Refrigerator Condensation: After the movers have packed the appliance, they will need to remove the moisture from inside of it. They will do this by using baking soda. Movers will pour a sufficient amount of baking soda into the refrigerator’s door opening and then shut the door. Once the baking soda has dissolved all of the moisture in the refrigerator, the movers will wipe it down and move on to the next step.

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How to Close Refrigerator Doors: The final step in moving fridges is to close the door. This can be quite difficult to do since refrigerator doors are usually very sturdy. Movers will use packing tape to hold the door shut, and then they will add wrapping paper or duct tape to seal it shut.