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Moving your piano is quite possible these days, however not everyone wants to take the time it takes to find a local piano mover and make arrangements. If you have a large instrument, you need to move it yourself and have enough spare time that you don’t mind paying some cash. You could try to ship it to your local piano movers. The good thing about piano movers is they typically pick up your instrument from your home and drive it there on the day you arrange to pick it up. This is convenient if you are busy and only have limited time to spend on your instrument.

If you decide to move your piano by yourself then the next question is how to move a piano. It depends on how heavy the instrument is as well as how far you want to move it. Long distance piano moving costs more than local moving because there are several costs to factor in. Local piano movers are likely to charge less than a professional piano moving company.

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Transporting an upright piano long distance usually involves: Insurance, long distance rental, and insurance coverage for damage or theft. Insurance covers the moving costs for both parties in case of an accident. Long distance piano movers will provide round-trip or next-round transport services. They will also provide storage rental for upright pianos to ensure their condition does not deteriorate.

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It is best to hire local movers when you plan to move your piano because reputed movers can make all the arrangements for your safety. Professionals are familiar with local traffic laws and can advise you about how to move your piano safely along roads and avoid making any detours. They can take proper measurements to ensure that your piano does not sway or rock while being transported. They can advise you about the best ways to protect your new home while transporting it and how to keep its new look. They can also get the old home into good shape before moving the piano home.

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Piano moving prices vary according to the type and distance. Larger pianos cost more. Also, if you have an upright instrument and it has a cage with bars running across the width of the instrument, you need to pay more. If the weight of the instrument is less, then the moving price goes down. The moving price includes the actual weight, the type and distance of the journey, and any related costs. You must mention to the mover the details of the instrument, the value, and the distance traveled.

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When transporting, make sure your instrument is safely wrapped in furniture blankets, packing tape, and strong paper. Your piano should also be protected from humidity and extreme Annaratures. Make sure that your instrument is at least 6 inches from other delicate items such as picture frames, mirrors, or jewelry. This is to protect your piano from damage due to bumps and scrape. You can have your piano professionally moved by a professional mover.

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To get a rough estimate of the cost of moving your piano across town, contact several local movers. They will quote you a price based on the type, size, and distance of your instrument. Ask them for their recommendations. Compare the costs and then decide on the one that offers you the best service and comes within your budget. Make sure that they are trustworthy and licensed.

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Make sure you ask the movers about climate-controlled methods of moving your piano. Some companies offer you free estimates for climate-controlled moving. This is a great way to save some money for yourself. If the move will require some temporary storage in a climate-controlled facility, then find out if there are fees for this. You might be Annad to learn that these fees are almost always inexpensive.