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Many people are under the impression that you can only move your piano up or down the stairs. That is untrue. You will need to consider other options, such as how to move a piano across state or country borders, and even how to move a piano from one apartment to another. While local piano movers offer some convenience, they can cost you more than you might like to pay. The best alternative is to look for piano moving companies that specialize in furnishing pianos nationwide.

One of the first things you need to consider when you are thinking about how to move a piano, is whether the instrument is an upright or a baby grand. Upright pianos are often light enough to move using a normal hand. Babies’ pianos are usually larger and heavier. In this case, you would need a dolly or skid steer to move the instrument.

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There are many types of dollies available, but one of the most popular types of dollies is the permanent straps dolly. Many local piano moving companies provide permanent straps for all of their clients’ instruments. These straps are made of strong heavy canvas with metal fasteners. Most are equipped with hydraulic cylinders that increase the dolly’s versatility and effectiveness. You can slide your instrument effortlessly into place and the dolly will hold it securely.

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Climate controlled dollies are another option you should consider for piano moving. Some of these types of dollies can be fitted with wheels so that you can transport your instrument over long distances without worry. You should read the instructions carefully so that you are ensured of the safety and proper positioning of your instrument. It should also be kept in a safe location until you have it transported to the new location.

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The cost of professional piano moving will vary depending on the type and distance being moved. Before hiring a piano moving company, you should ask how much the transport and storage fees would be. You should also ask about the warranties offered by the moving company and whether they include the cost of insurance. If you decide to hire a piano mover, make sure they are insured and will not move pianos while they are being moved. Make sure that they are licensed to move pianos in your state and that they have adequate insurance coverage.

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A reliable piano moving company will provide you with a skid board. Skid boards are very useful for moving pianos because they protect the floor from damage. They are made of heavy duty plastic and most models include a locking mechanism to prevent accidental movements. Many models come with an interlocking design to ensure that the boards do not break. It is important to ask the moving company what specific models they use when determining the price for the skid board.

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Most long distance piano moving companies will not move pianos over short distances. If you are moving a piano over a long distance, it is advisable to let the local supplier to handle the move. Local movers generally have the skills and expertise necessary to move your piano in a safe manner at a reasonable price. You may want to check with your local supplier to determine how to schedule the move. Long distance moves can be time consuming and complicated and you want the experience of someone who knows what they are doing.

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When piano moving, it is important to be aware of safety precautions. You should wear appropriate clothing and protective gear such as hard hats and leather gloves. It is important that you never drive a truck with used skid boards on. The trucks must be empty of any used skid boards before the piano move. Make sure the piano movers have a secure, flat, level driveway to place the skid board on.