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Long distance moving and storage is never an inexpensive move. With gas prices rising and the high cost of fuel for moving trucks, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money by hiring movers. But moving companies don’t always offer the cheapest moving service. You will want to do some comparison shopping to ensure you’re not paying more than necessary for moving services.

How much can movers save me? It depends on several factors. The price of a standard local move is less than local moving companies’ rates for long distance moves. But the price of long distance moving and storage doesn’t include gas prices or insurance for your belongings. So, the actual cost to move your things is going to be more than local movers.

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What makes a good moving company? Moving and storage companies have different moving plans. Some use boxes and containers, while others only provide temporary storage. Moving and storage containers are popular uses because they’re very lightweight and easily moved from place to place. Moving and storage containers are also convenient for people who need temporary storage for personal belongings that they don’t feel comfortable moving.

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Do I need to move my things by hand? If you are moving long distance and have heavy items such as furniture or appliances, you may be better off with full-service moving companies. Here, the moving company packs your belongings for you, packs them in their proper containers, and then takes care of all your moving needs. With full-service moving companies, you pack your things yourself, and they will pack your things for you. They can store your things at their facility or at a temporary storage facility that they use for clients who move their things from place to place but don’t want to keep them.

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Can I store my belongings at my current residence? Some people are still moving from their current homes, but others have a brand new home. If you are moving to a new location, it’s best to store your belongings at your new home until your belongings are ready to be transported to your new home. You can store things at a storage facility that you secure, or you can store your things at a temporary storage facility that you secure before your move.

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Can I load my belongings on my own truck? Some people have a small truck that they can use to load their things. However, if you don’t have a truck, you’ll need a trailer. A small truck won’t work well because it won’t be able to carry your belongings around. You can either use a moving truck rental service or load your belongings on your own. It’s best to do both so that you know you’re going to be able to load your truck with ease when you’re driving to your new home.

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Is there a difference between temporary and permanent storage? There are some differences in the way that moving companies and moving and storage facilities to store your belongings. Temporary storage is generally a lot cheaper than permanent storage. However, if you need to move out of state temporarily, you may be better off using temporary storage services. They will help you pack up your belongings and lock up the rest of your things until you can safely move to your permanent home.

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Will my moving company or moving and storage company pack my belongings for me? Many people get great deals by using movers or storage companies to take care of their moving. They do all of the packing and loading for you, and they even help with the loading and unloading at your new home. This makes it much easier for you to get settled into your new home, and you’ll save money by not having to pack or load your belongings yourself.